Not All That Glitters…

So Lot chose for himself the whole plain of the Jordan and set out toward the east. The two men parted company: – Gen. 13:11 NIV

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Terah, who was the father of Abraham was a direct descendant of Shem, who himself was the second son of Noah (Gen. 9:18-24; 10:21) and had three sons namely Abraham, Nahor and Haran. Haran, who was probably the father of the wife of his senior brother Nahor, but definitely the father of Lot died whilst his father was still alive and the responsibility of taking care of his son became that of Terah, his father. Terah had taken the decision to set out to Canaan with Abram, Lot and Sarai, Abram’s wife but eventually settled in Harran where he died and the responsibility of taking care of Lot fell on Abram – Gen. 11:27-31. He probably saw a son in Lot, after all he was yet to have a child of his, but more importantly, he it was that was to ensure that his cousin survived and succeeded in life so he had no choice than to take Lot with him everywhere he was going until he became old enough to be independent.


Although Abram was the one spoken to by the Almighty God to go to a land He, God was going to show him with all the attendant promises of blessings (Gen. 12:1-8), his movement will definitely involve Lot who was and remained his responsibility. So when the result of the promise of blessing of the Almighty God for Abram began to manifest, it was always going to reflect on Lot who Abram had responsibility to care for until he was capable of fending for himself.


Lot too became so wealthy that the land was not able to support the growing wealth of both and attempt to continue to live together led to constant frictions between the servants of Abram and Lot. It had become inevitable that both needed to separate to avoid a bitter split and the stifling of the growth of one another – Gen. 13:1-7. In order to prevent this negative event and encourage better chances of growth, Abram suggested that they share boundaries and included in that suggestion is the scripture for today’s devotion. Abram had reminded Lot, his cousin that the whole land was before them and he could make a choice of where he wanted and he will be satisfied with the other part – Gen. 13:8-9. The bible notes in today’s scripture that Lot decided on the whole plain of jordan set out to the east but that was after he had carefully considered and thought in his own wisdom that he was choosing the part of the land that he saw was well watered like the garden of the Lord. He was right as he indeed became prosperous in that land except that he was not in a position to see the future of that land and the implication the decision he had taken. He was to eventually lose everything, including his wife when the judgement of the Lord came on the part of the land that he chose – Gen. 19:1-26.

  • He never realised that it was not going to be about what could be seen but also about what could not be seen.
  • In choosing the part of the land that was well watered, the fact that his uncle was going to have the part of the land without such quality never mattered to him else he could suggested sharing along those boundaries.
  • For him, it was more about material possessions alone rather than respect for the relationship between his uncle and himself.


He generally was not wise enough to know that it was not going to be about today alone but also about the tomorrow.


Most Christians today are struggling with the choices they made yesterday. Every one has been blamed for the state of things in their lives except themselves. They have it been unable to face the fact that what they have before them is the result of the choice they made. Only the Almighty God knows the tomorrow of everything that is today. No matter how bad it may look today, you will be wrong if you decide against making that choice solely on what it looks like today as the tomorrow of that choice may just be all that you have been yearning for. It may also be good today but there is no guarantee that the goodness will be there tomorrow. There is a god that knows tomorrow from yesterday. He is the Alpha and Omega of all things and relying on Him for that life changing decision is your only assurance of avoiding regrets.


All that bling bling may not last, just as that bad choice can be made good by Him. The Christian who feels short-changed is also expected to take what comes up with joy. This is because the Almighty God is able to change the fortunes of that choice that has been allocated to you. Just when people think it is a bad choice, He can turn it into not just a good choice but a great one.


Should you need to make a choice of anything, let Him guide you in that process as he only can make the informed decision about that situation and if you have been allotted what looks like a bad choice, do not grumble or murmur. Just approach Him for help and he will bring out the goodness of that supposed bad choice and you will be assured of life long happiness. May God continue to guide your choice making processes in Jesus name. Amen.

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