Guarantee Your Victory

The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower. – Psa 18:2 KJV

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David as a human being fought many battles whether as an ordinary shepherd in charge of the flock of his father, or as a spirit-filled servant in the palace of King Saul. He also fought some battles after becoming the king over Judah and later over the entire Israel but none of those battles can be compared to the one he encountered with King Saul. It was indeed a battle that will remain in the memory of David, and anyone for that matter, throughout life. Not only was it against a powerful and an influential king, but was also against a benefactor whom the Almighty God had used to elevate his status from that of an unknown shepherd to a recognised personality in the palace of the king and more importantly, one who was carrying the anointing of the Most High – 1Sam.16:1-2Sam. 5:25. It was always going to be a battle to be lost by anyone but for the Grace of God that was with David. So if he decides to constantly compose songs as a reminder of this very important phase of his life and in recognition of the immense support he received from the Almighty God, to be able to come out victorious, it will never be out of place.


Chapter eighteen of the biblical book of Psalms is one of those several poems that David who was later to become king over the entire Israel wrote, this time in recognition of the powers of the Almighty God who rescued him from his enemies, especially King Saul. The foundation scripture for today’s devotional is the second verse of this great psalm where David revealed to all who are interested, the foundation of his victories, revealing that the Almighty God was his rock, his fortress, his deliverer, his God, his strength, his buckler, the horn of his salvation, and his high tower and it is in him that he has his total trust.


Now, that should be of interest to anyone who know what it is to encounter life threatening  battles like David did, and desires to be an overcomer like him. If anyone had revealed to David before hand, what he would encounter, before his being anointed by Samuel and what it will take for the follow-up prophecy of him becoming a king to be fulfilled, it is very likely that he would have preferred his position as a shepherd over the sheep of his father, but like every promise of God, He only makes the promise but the one who owns the promise will be expected to know that there is no way that any promise was going to be fulfilled without some real battle. In fact the battle to be fought is always as big as the promise, so the one in expectation of the fulfilment of any promise of God should prepare more for battle rather than celebrate its potential fulfilment. Not having this kind of approach to spiritual promises accounts for the bulk of the reason why such promises are either delayed or never come to pass.


The Israelites in Egypt accepted the promise to be taken to the Promised Land but did not prepare for the battle and the consequence was that most of them did not enjoy the promise as the battle of the promise came and consumed them. Every woman who has the blessing of Lord does get pregnant and delivers safely with little or no challenge but that was not the case with the virgin Mary. For being found worthy to be the route of entry for the Messiah into the world, she was accused of being immoral, probably ridiculed and humiliated by several people who did not understand how the one that claims to be chaste will suddenly get pregnant, encountered several battles during the pregnancy, before and after the delivery of the baby and even to the end of the life of the baby. There was no way she was ever going to be successful with a prayer point pleading with God not to allow her witness the death of a Child. That was always going to be her lot ab initio.


It will always be the wisest decision for anyone who intends to be a victor over all the challenges that he/she may be experiencing to operate in the same principles that the victorious David operated in as enumerated below.

  1. David had the Lord as His rock. The one who intends to be victorious in life must build all plans on not just a rock but the eternal rock that has existed for ages, long before the creation of the world. Any other foundation is a false foundation and no matter how long success seems to last, the one that is not built on this rock should always expect failure – Matt. 7:24-27.
  2. David had the Lord as His fortress. The one who desires to be victorious over life battles must make the Lord his stronghold or a fortified city where he would hide in times of trouble. No harm can come to the one who is under this protection.
  3. David had the Lord as His deliverer. To have the Lord as your deliverer is to be assured that no one or situation can hold you captive. He is greatly powerful to wade off and break every shackle that can hold one down. Right behind the strong iron gates of a prison, Peter, Paul and Silas were bound in chains but He still showed up in that situation and freed them – Acts 12:5-12; 16:25-34. There is simply no situation that is bigger than Him including the one that you are facing at the moment, whether physical or spiritual. All you need do is to have faith in Him for deliverance – 2Chr. 20:20.
  4. David had the Lord as His God. A god is one that is worshipped for being the beginning and the end for the worshipper. Some people do worship gods who are either no gods as they are mere wood, stone or iron carvings whilst some worship gods whose abilities are limited but the one who desires to be victorious in all situations must worship exclusively the god of all gods, the sovereign and the Almighty one whose name is Yahweh. In that decision lies eternal victory that transcends this realm into the life after life – Isa. 54:4; Psa. 25:3.
  5. David had the Lord as His strength. Fighting wars that are physical may actually require physical strength but even that is limited by individual abilities as most people may not possess as much strength as the battle confronting them and end up as victims, but the truth is that most life battles, even when they manifest as physical, actually have their origin in the spiritual and it is spiritual strength that is required. That is why Paul advised the Christian who desires victory to put on the whole armour of God – Eph. 6:10-20. That is what will grant access to the ultimate strength that can guarantee victory in all situations.
  6. David had the Lord as His buckler so he was protected from the swords and arrows of all his enemies. In a similar manner, the one who has the Almighty God as a spiritual buckler will be protected from the noisome pestilence, the swords and arrows of enemies – Psa. 91:3. Definitely such will always be victorious over life challenges.
  7. David had the Lord as the horn of his salvation. Horn in the bible remains a symbol of strength as that is what animals with horns use to achieve victory during battle. It is always about the strength of the horn during those battles as the one with a weak horn will always leave the battle ground seriously wounded if not killed. That however cannot be the fate of the one who has the Lord as the horn of salvation during such battles. It remains the most powerful horn that will always save and grant victory to all those who possess it.
  8. David had the Lord as His high tower. Ability to see from afar, the plan of the enemy, will actually remain the greatest strategy in life for achieving victory. It allows such a person to be very pro-active as not only is such able to avoid fighting wars but also gives great advantage that can assure victory, if such moves are inevitable. This advantage is what is present with the one who has the Almighty God as high tower as such is able to mount on it and view as far as necessary every danger before they come near. Such an individual can never be caught unawares with regards to the plans and actions of enemies as such plans are quickly exposed in dreams, visions and prophecies, even when they are still at the conception stages, and so allow time for planning to counter them.


He not only had the Almighty God playing all the above roles in his life but had absolute trust in Him that he will not be disappointed in all situations. You can also be victorious like David was if you relate with the Lord in a similar manner. May the Lord continue to be everything for us throughout life in Jesus name. Amen.

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