Live A Life That Glorifies Him.

Moreover by them is thy servant warned: and in keeping of them there is great reward. – Psa. 19:11 KJV

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The Almighty God, without argument, is the creator of all things, a task which He accomplished in six days Gen. 1:1-31. That He created all for his glory is not a subject for argument, especially by the Christian – Rev. 4:11. That all the creations of God, especially the heavenly bodies jointly referred to as the firmament, are fulfilling this intention of the Sovereign God is equally not debatable as this is confirmed by the first six verses of the nineteenth chapter of the biblical book of Psalms.


The psalmist noted that, by their daily activities, the firmament is constantly proclaiming the glory of God and revealing the greatness of His works – Psa. 19:1-6. The sad part however is the failure of man, being the only creature made in the image of God to do same, as instead of bringing glory, all they have been bringing to Jehovah is regret – Gen. 6:5-6. This is because of all the wickedness associated with man, which are products of the inclination of the thoughts of man towards evil deeds. Nothing will get the Almighty God fulfilled more than a successful reconciliation of man to Himself. This will be the case once man begins to manifest actions that that will constantly tell of the glory of God and continue to reveal the greatness of His works. As much as this will always be result of the decision of each individual and not a corporate action, the writer of that psalm provides suggestions on how man can easily achieve the above objectives, which is the strict adherence of man to the laws of Jehovah and  the operation of man in fear of Him – Psa. 19:11.


The writer of this psalm believes that these two acts on the part of man will successfully bring man back to God because;

  1. Strict adherence to the laws of God will;
    1. Convert man because of its perfect nature – Psa. 20:7a. Only a perfect law can clean up and achieve perfection of any other. That the law of God is perfect is not in contention because He is the one that created the earth and all that is in it, and so he only, knows the best way for its effective operation. No instruction can be more perfect for the operation of a product than that of its manufacturer.
    2. It is very sure and does make its practitioners wise – Psa. 20:7b. The one who operates the manufacturer’s instructions would present as one who is very wise as it is no longer his/her knowledge in use but that of the manufacturer. Operating in the wisdom of Jehovah presents one like a very wise person similar to the status of King Solomon whom the world today regard as, arguably the wisest man that ever lived. All he did was to ask Jehovah for guidance on what to do or what not to do in the administration of his people – 1Kgs. 3:1-9; 4:29-34.
    3. They make the heart rejoice because of their aptness – Psa. 20:8a. Nothing compares to the joy that comes from operating in the laws of Jehovah. This is because the success that is associated with such operation will definitely make anyone feel contented and complete.
    4. They also have the ability to give clear vision to life issues because of their purity – Psa. 20:8b. Nothing is an impossibility for the one who operates in the laws of God as they are divine solutions customized for particular situations.


  1. Fear of God endures forever and His judgements are true and righteous – Psa. 20:9. According to him, they are to be desired more than gold as they are sweeter than honey. The one that fears God must always operate in His Will and Instructions.


All the above actions and results will definitely make such a person reflect the glory of God as success will be recorded in areas that people have concluded that success will be impossible. The light of such an individual will continue to shine in the darkness of the world such that darkness will not be able to overcome it – Jn. 1:5. This manifested glory will continue for as long as such an individual remain in the laws of God and continue to operate in awe of Him.


As far as the Psalmist is concerned, in the scripture that is the foundation of today’s Devotional, anyone who considers him/her self a servant of God, will operate strictly in these guidelines, as that is the only way such will be assured of divine rewards – Psa. 20:10-11. These divine reward is the Glory of God that will speak constantly in the life of such a person and such would then be able to attain the level of the intention of Jehovah for his/her creation.


It is impossible for the life of anyone to glorify God if such will not operate in His laws and fear Him. The one who intends to live a life that will glorify Him and be rewarded by Him must operate in these guidelines. May God grant us the Grace to live a life that will glorify Him in Jesus name. Amen.

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