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There is no healing of thy bruise; thy wound is grievous: all that hear the bruit of thee shall clap the hands over thee: for upon whom hath not thy wickedness passed continually? – Nahum 3:19 KJV.

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Today’s Devotional is the second part of the Devotional with the same title where the attention of Christians were drawn to the possibility of being considered by Jehovah as wicked due to their involvement with the following actions that the Ninevites had been identified with, as revealed by Prophet Nahum.

  1. Their murderous activities had filled their city with blood – Nahum 3:1a.
  2. They were very good at presenting and defending falsehood such that their city was filled with lies – Nahum 3:1b.
  3. Their city was filled with robbers so much so that there streets were always littered with victims of one form of crime or the other – Nahum 3:1c.
  4. Their city permitted a well favoured harlot who is the mistress of witchcraft to create a multitude of whoredoms and this led to the selling out of many nations and families – Nahum 3:4.


Jehovah had associated the Ninevites with these actions, but unlike the occasion when Jehovah sent Jonah to them and simply said He was going to overturn their city, on this occasion He was very specific on the actions He was going to take. In what seemed like Jehovah questioning the basis of their seeming arrogance due to their supposed military prowess, he made them realise that they were not greater than some of the nations that He has helped them to defeat (Nahum 3:8-10), and He was going to move against them by applying the following actions;

  1. He was going to expose them, shame them and ridicule them before many nations – Nahum 3:5. All their imperfections that He had been helping to shield away from the glare of those nations and which presented them as perfect will be exposed and they will thereby lose whatever honour they had amongst nations.
  2. He was going to cast filth on them such that they become a stench and object of disgust to all nations and kingdoms – Nahum 3:6-7. He will ensure that nations will no longer find them tolerable and so be unwilling to accommodate what will now be considered excesses.
  3. He will weaken their defenses and make them very vulnerable to the attack of enemies – Nahum 3:11-13. Whatever form of security they seem to have around them that made it impossible for them to be defeated will be removed so that enemies will have easy access to them and defeat them.
  4. He was going to destroy them with fire such that no amount of protection, either by using water to quench it or using burnt bricks as a shield from the effect of the fire will be able to save them – Nahum 3:14-15. If He fought them with water, they may still be able to salvage some possessions but He was going to fight them with fire so they will neither be able to salvage any possession nor any life. He planned for them to be completely annihilated.
  5. He was going to impoverish them such that all that they call wealth will disappear suddenly – Nahum 3:16-17. Of course, by the time He would have applied the fire treatment mentioned above, they will be left with nothing to salvage.
  6. He will make all those who are supposed to watch over them become ineffective such that they become easy prey to the external invaders – Nahum 3:18. He will personally ensure that those with the responsibility to guard them and their land become very ineffective and so they become very vulnerable to attack.


All the above, Jehovah was going to do and many rather than sympathise with them will applaud Him, Jehovah, as most people in one way or the other have been victims of their wickedness – Nahum 3:19.


It must be made known to the Christian at this juncture that the same Jehovah who did not tolerate the wickedness of the Ninevites on those two occasions and indicated His intention to overturn their city by applying all the above measures on them is the same One that is in existence today and will remain forever. He did not tolerate wickedness at that time, and will still not tolerate wickedness today so anyone who is involved in an act that He considers as wicked should expect similar reaction from Him.


Just as highlighted in the first part of this Devotional, many Christians, either as individuals or as a group are very much involved in wicked acts and they should therefore not be surprised if they begin to experience the effect of some or all that have been listed above in their individual lives or as a group.


That unexpected shame and ridiculing or dis-honour that you experienced may not be unconnected with that action that Jehovah considers as wicked. Same for the sudden hatred that everyone, who hitherto loved you, developed for you, the several defeats that you suffered in those battles that would normally be won without breaking a sweat and the sudden down-turn in all those fortunes, all of which you have blamed the enemies for. This is not to say that the enemies are not involved but it is more about the direct or indirect support that those supposed enemies got from Jehovah because He considered some of your actions as wicked.


Review all those actions, not only because they hurt a fellow brethren, but also because Jehovah considers them as acts of wickedness that may earn you his wrath, and that may be all you need do to overcome the situation that seems to be humbling you. May God guide us away from actions that will make Him consider us as wicked in Jesus name. Amen.

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