He Always Fulfils Promises Made.

For all the promises of God in him are yea, and in him Amen, unto the glory of God by us. – 2Cor. 1:20 KJV

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Very common among Christians today is the complain of delay in the fulfillment or outright non-fulfillment of promises supposedly made by the Almighty God. This issue has been addressed by many teachers of the scriptures, mostly from the perspective of the need for the Christian to wait for the timing of God, with explanations aimed at letting the Christian know that the Lord will eventually come at the appropriate time and fulfil all that He has promised to do. The waiting Christian is further advised to retain faith in the Lord and not waiver at all. Several instances of people who had to wait and whose patience was positively rewarded are usually cited from the scriptures to support the point that the Almighty God will eventually redeem all that he has promised, irrespective of how long it takes.


There is no doubt that this is the truth and all the scriptures cited are equally true but all these is based on the assumption that the promise, whose fulfilment is being awaited, was actually made by the Lord and was made to the person who is waiting.


Most times, Christians are not able to separate general promises made to all people, who meet certain criteria, from promises that were made to individuals, based on their peculiar circumstances. It may be possible to apply a general promise made to all who believe, to any individual or situation (Jn. 11:25-26; 1Thess. 5:24), but it will be impossible to apply promises made to a specific individual, to any other person, if the Lord has not extended same promise beyond the one to whom He made the promise to, in the first place – Gen. 15:1-6. The one who continues to wait on the lord based on the latter situation should be willing to wait for ever.


The scripture which is the foundation of today’s Devotional clarifies the promises that the Lord can be held responsible for and which he will definitely fulfil, provided the individual fulfils the criteria mentioned by the Apostle Paul and these are listed as follows;

  1. Such promise must be confirmed to have been made by the Almighty God. Most people believe a promise was made by God, simply because their spiritual leader said so. That may not be sufficient reason to believe that such a promise was made by Jehovah. Most spiritual leaders of today actually do not have the fear of God and so do not hesitate to relate to their members what the Almighty God did not say, as long as they are able to gain some carnal benefit and advantage. Those who believe such, will only end up being a victim of a corrupt and deceitful leadership, as merely associating the name of the Lord with such lies will not make Him become responsible for such false promises made by such a leadership. It remains the responsibility of each person to determine which leader and mentor will be accepted and believed – 1Thess. 5:21.
  2. After confirming that the promise was actually made by the Lord and not a product of the deceit of a corrupt spiritual leadership, the one expecting the fulfillment of such a promise must remain in Christ Jesus for such a promise to be fulfilled. This is because the scriptures refer to him as the “Amen” to all those promises. Being the “Amen” means that he is the seal of approval through whom all that is asked for or promised is brought into fulfilment – Rev. 3:14. The one who expects promises confirmed to be from the Almighty God, to come to fulfilment, must be in a good relationship with the one who has the ability to bring all such promises to fulfillment, else none of such promises will ever be fulfilled.
  3. With the promise being confirmed to have been made by the Almighty God, and the expectant recipient remaining in Christ Jesus, it is equally important that such must plan to utilise the proceeds of such fulfilled promise for divinely approved purposes. Once the intention of such a person is to use the dividends of such fulfilled promise for purposes that deviate from the Will of God, then such should be assured that the expectation of fulfilment of such promise will be in vain – Jms. 4:3. The blessing of God will only be granted if the purpose is divine and noble.


According to the Apostle Paul, promises that meet the above conditions will always be fulfilled because in Jehovah, there is only YES, and NO is never an option. The Christian who therefore claims to be waiting on the Lord for the fulfillment of a promise He is supposed to have made must firstly confirm that it is indeed the Lord that made such a promise else the foundation of the waiting will wrong ab initio. Such will then be expected to retain his/her position in Jesus Christ, irrespective of the persecution that may be experienced. It will be impossible for the one who falls away due to persecution to expect that divine promises will still be fulfilled. Those promises were made because you claimed to have accepted Christ as your Lord and Saviour. Falling away due to persecution does not show faithfulness to such pronouncements and commitments. Deliverance is reserved for only those who persevere till the end – Matt. 24:13.


Equally important is the fact that the intention of the recipient of the promise must remain noble, as it was, when the promise was made. The Almighty God will never give his Grace to one who intends to use it for purposes that do not align with His Will.


Always confirm the origin of every promise and remain in the only one who can help say, Amen, to them using fellow human beings in the process and never plan to dispense God’s grace on non-divine purposes. May God continue to make His promises “Yes” in our lives at all times in Jesus name. Amen.

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