He Is Not Moved By Your Emotion.

For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. – Hab. 2:3 KJV

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Although the biblical book of Habbakuk presents him as a prophet, nothing in the entire bible confirms this of him but what is not in doubt was his concern for his people and the negative experiences they were going through in the hands of their leaders – Hab. 1:12-17. This was obvious in the first of the three chapter book named after him where he sought clarification from the Almighty God on two occasions about why the people had to go through what they were experiencing in the hands of their leaders.

Wondering how long it will take before the Almighty God will grant his prayer for help to overcome this negative experiences of his people, he presented the following requests to the Lord.
1. He asked the Lord why he allowed injustice against his people to continue whilst He (Almighty God) seemed to tolerate it since it seems He was doing nothing about all that was happening – Hab. 1:3-4.
2. He asked Him why he seemed to tolerate treachery and remain silent in a situation where the wicked swallow up those whom he feels are more righteous than themselves – Hab. 1:13

The response of the Almighty God to his questions especially the first one got him more confused. The Almighty God was going to send the Babylonians to deal, not just with the oppressors but also the whole city – Hab. 1:5-11. These were people who were known by all to be ruthless in their approach to wars. They have a fearful reputation amongst nations and war without mercy. It was this response of the Almighty God to the prayer of intervention by Habbakuk that led to his second question which was more of a complaint than a request. He wondered why the people had to go through greater oppression before they could be saved from the oppressive actions of their present leaders, some of which he listed in verses twelve to seventeen of the first chapter of this book named after him.

With a feeling that he may have crossed the line with his questioning of this decision of the Lord, he prepared himself for what may be the repercussion of this his emotional outburst and the Lord did not take too long before responding, but not with anger as Habbakuk anticipated – Hab. 2:1.

The Lord opened His response to this complaint of Habbakuk by telling him to make a record of his response so that whoever hears it may make it known to others – Hab. 2:2. In the scripture that is the foundation of today’s Devotional,
1. He cautioned that the revelation was for an appointed time that will mark the end of the whole episode. He may have revealed what His plan was, for dealing with the situation which Habbakuk brought to His attention but the timing of the actualisation of that planned action was kept away from him – Matt. 24:36. However, whenever that timing is, it will mark the end of all that the people were experiencing and the emergence of what Habbakuk prayed for. That the Lord said it now does not mean that Habbakuk should expect it to happen according to his own timing. He has to be contented with the fact that the Lord has promised to act on his request and equally trust to do it all at the right time.
2. It will not prove false – 1Thess. 5:24. The Lord was giving him assurance that whatever He said will happen will definitely happen – Num. 23:19. He is therefore expecting that Habbakuk should be contented with that assurance coming from Him, with faith that whatever he has promised to do, that He will surely do.
3. There will be the need to be patient as it may delay but it will definitely come to pass. It may not happen within the expected time frame of men as in this case of the prayer of Habbakuk, but at a time chosen at the discretion of the Almighty God, it will definitely come to pass. To man it will be a delay as it is not happening according to their own schedule but the Lord is never late. He does things at the best of times and so His timing can never be deemed to be late.

The bottom line remains that the Lord is not guided or affected by the emotion of men when it comes to the need for His intervention in any situation that has been brought to His attention in prayer by His people. That same message applies to the Christian today who carries so much emotion coming to the place of prayer. Being emotional may not be bad but thinking that the Lord will respond to that emotion will be totally wrong and may produce huge disappointment and frustration with prayers. The Almighty God will never be moved by human emotions and so man must learn to exclude emotions when praying to him and waiting for His intervention. Receiving assurances of His intention to intervene should be sufficient for the Christian just as he told Habbakuk that the righteous must learn to live by faith – Hab. 2:4. Faith in the fact that the one that they believe in would not disappoint them. Faith that all that he said He will do, He will surely do. The one who does not relate with God in this manner will always be disappointed as such is not praying to the Almighty God but attempting to instruct Him on what to do, when and how to go about doing it. The Almighty God will not be controlled, not even by the most influential of all men. He is a sovereign God and does all He desires only according to His Will – Psa. 115:3. The Christian who prays to Him must learn to be contented and patient for the time of His intervention. What is very clear is that He will surely arrive and He will never be late. May God grant us all the faith to wait for the time of His intervention in our situation in Jesus name. Amen.

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