You Have To Be Called.

But only you and your sons may serve as priests in connection with everything at the altar and inside the curtain. I am giving you the service of the priesthood as a gift. Anyone else who comes near the sanctuary is to be put to death.” –Num. 18:7 NIV

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The Almighty God never hid His desire that He should be worshipped. The Israelites had barely left Egypt when He called Moses up to Mount Sinai, solely for the purpose of letting the people know that He not only desires to be worshipped but must be worshipped in a particular manner and according to a set of instructions. He was not going to accept a worship that followed a pattern designed according to the wisdom of men – Exo. 19:1-25.


At that meeting on Mount Sinai, He gave Moses all the instructions in relation to how He expects His people to relate with Him, with one another and even how they were to live their private lives. Anything different from the guidelines he had given to Moses was simply not going to be acceptable to Him – Exo. 20:1-33:23.


Not only were guidelines given with regards to what sacrifice the people must bring for each situation, He also took time to outline clearly who will superintend over those occasions and equally receive those sacrifices on His behalf. For the purpose of achieving the above objectives, He separated the whole lineage of Levi. They were to lead the people during Worship sessions dedicated to Him and equally supervise all activities associated with it, with Aaron and his descendants specifically separated from the lineage of Levi to implement this role. The roles included the taking of proper care of the sanctuary and the Altar, while the rest of the Levites were to provide help for them in the course of dispensing this function – Num. 18:1-5. No member of any other family was allowed to even have a peep through the curtain that demarcated the boundaries of the Tabernacle if they are to avoid the wrath of God, as even the other members from the lineage of Levi who were allowed to support Aaron and his children with the work of the Tabernacle, were themselves forbidden to touch the furnishings of the sanctuary or the Altar, else they will die – Num. 18:3-7; 1Sam. 6:19.


That was how strict the Almighty God was, with the processes involved in His worship. He was no god to be worshipped just any how and He made that very obvious. His intention to specifically determine who leads regarding issues related to His being worshipped was not disguised. He reminded Aaron and His descendants that they only, had been selected for the purpose of caring for the sanctuary and He only gave the other family members of Levi to them as a gift to help in easing the work load of the Sanctuary.


In the scripture that is the foundation of today’s Devotional, the Almighty God made it known that He had gifted Aaron and his descendants, the role of service of the Priesthood – Num. 18:4-6. It was an exclusive gift to them so, anyone else who attempts to play that role should be aware that such was an act of crossing spiritual boundaries and so should be ready to bear the consequence which is nothing but spiritual and ultimately physical death.


No wonder, there are many people today who are occupying spiritual offices but indicators around them portray them as dead souls in living bodies. Every sign of one representing a spiritually powerful and influential deity is absent, and it is therefore impossible for their flock to display traits of successful Christian life. Christians who are led by such spiritual leaders today are languishing and lamenting, since such leaders, though may possess all the physical attributes that qualify them to occupy the office, still lack the basic requirement which is the Call of God into the office they occupy, and so are not in any position to bring forth a positive change to the lives of their flock. It is simply impossible to play the role of the intermediary between the people and the Almighty God if the Almighty God Himself does not recognize and approve such for the role. No wonder the writer of the biblical book of Hebrews asserted that the one who wishes to serve in the office of the Priest, although is selected amongst the people must have an initial Calling into that role – Heb. 5:1-4. By implication, the lack of that basic foundation will nullify any selection of such an individual for such a role.


The one who is serving the Most High legally, honestly and conscientiously will lack nothing good, just as such will also be a winner, as the Almighty God will always be a responsible employer. Similarly, the one who has a true Priest of God as a spiritual leader will experience success in his/her Christian life as the mediatory activities of his/her Priest will get to the Lord and the chance of receiving prompt response becomes much better.


Do not waste your time occupying a spiritual office that you do not have divine approval or recognition to occupy. The repercussion could be grave. Likewise, do not waste your time under the spiritual leadership of one who does not have the approval of the Almighty God to occupy such position as nothing positive will ever come out of it. His job cannot be taken up just because an individual wills – Rom. 9:16. He has to Call you for your service to have meaning and be fruitful. May God grant us the Grace to receive the gift of His Call into His service and similarly limit ourselves to the area of His Call for our lives in Jesus name. Amen.

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