27th October 2021.

On behalf of the Cross and Crown Christian Ministry, I wish to express our profound gratitude to God for granting the Grace to have consistently send to you the Daily Devotionals for more than one year now. It has no doubt being a huge experience for us knowing how much the daily devotionals have positively impacted on several lives, not only in Nigeria, but in Africa, Europe and North America. This has become evident from the comments section of our blog site where we have averaged at least two hundred reactions daily to each day’s devotional and an average of six hundred daily downloads.


We are greatly encouraged by these numbers and in our bid to reposition, in order to provide more spiritually inspiring and growth enhancing Christian materials, we will be suspending the release of our Daily Devotionals for some few weeks to allow for internal restructuring and upgrading of our activities.


Though this will create a vacuum in some ways, we are of the belief that reviewing the over six hundred articles on our blog site will be sufficient to fill this vacuum as we are all aware that the Word of God is never stale and is new everyday. Every material on that site is capable of renewing, enhancing and strengthening the faith of every Christian who desire spiritual growth and we will strongly advocate that going through them during this period will be of immense advantage. We also encourage you to continue to use the materials in any way that will enhance the advancement of the kingdom of God on earth.


Please do not hesitate to continue to leave your comments in the comments section of our blog site, www.crossandcrownchristianministry.org,  just as you can directly send your suggestions to us through our email address:  crossandcrownchristianministry@gmail.com.


Thanks for your understanding and patience and continue to remain strong in the Faith until he returns.

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