Position For His Victorious Intervention.

With the merciful thou wilt shew thyself merciful; with an upright man thou wilt shew thyself upright; With the pure thou wilt shew thyself pure; and with the froward thou wilt shew thyself froward. – Psa. 18:25‭-‬26 KJV‬‬‬

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Today’s devotional is a sequel to the devotional titled, “Guarantee Your Victory” where David revealed the secret of his many victories in life battles. This was an ordinary shepherd of his father’s flocks and was not even considered fit sufficiently by his brothers to join the king’s army as a warrior. That probably explains why his eldest brother, Eliab tried to stop him in his attempt to challenge Goliath when his father sent him with food supplies to them at the war front. His brothers were probably scared for his life but despite this physical limitation, he was able to pull off victory in that battle and several other battles he encountered along his path to destiny fulfilment – 1Sam. 17:12-48. He attributed his victory in all those battles to his complete trust in the Almighty God as his rock, fortress, deliverer, God, strength, horn of salvation, and high tower – Psa. 18:2.

Citing the case of his victory in a particular battle where the sorrows of death and hell had compassed him, and the floods of ungodly men made him afraid, with the snares of death all around him, a battle which bible historians believe was one of his several battles with King Saul and his troops, he made it clear that he was victorious simply because he maintained his trust in the Lord to whom he had vowed to continue to call on and who alone is worthy of praise, so as to continue to achieve victories over all enemies – Psa. 18:3-5. In the referenced case, he was already in serious distress when he had to call on the Lord who did not disappoint him. In his testimony about the event, the Almighty God came into his situation with the full compliment of his war arsenal and granted him victory – Psa. 18:6-15. He sent out arrows to scatter the enemy, stretched out His saving hands to rescue him from the situation and granted him total victory. By this divine intervention, he was delivered from his enemies and his haters who were obviously too strong for him and who held him back on the day of his calamity, in their attempt to stop him from being victorious – Psa. 18:16-19.

This divine intervention was however not without a reason. In revealing why the Lord was prompt in responding to his distress call, he made it known that it was the Lord’s recompense for him for his righteous acts demonstrated by his resolve to keep his hands clean, to strictly observe the ways of the Lord and not wickedly departing from them by placing all the Lord’s judgements and statutes before himself – Psa. 18:20-24.

David thus concluded in the scripture that is the foundation of today’s devotional as follows:

1. That the Lord shows mercy to those who are merciful – Psa. 18:25a. The one who desires to receive the Lord’s mercy and support during life battles must have a track record of showing mercy to people in such situations. One who does not care for people facing life battles and much more offering support should not expect the Lord to render support during similar experiences. James the brother of Jesus Christ also emphasised this in his single book when he made it clear that the one who does not show mercy should never expect mercy from the Lord. No matter who the person may be or what the person may have done, mercy should always triumph over judgment – Jms. 2:13.

2. The Lord is upright to those who are upright in their ways – Psa. 18:25b. To be upright is to be honest and straightforward in one’s dealings with men and God. A deceitful and hypocritical person should not expect to get the support of the Almighty God during life battles simply because He promised to do so for his people as such cannot be said to be a true believer. Dealings with men must always be done with awareness that even if the person been dealt with is not able to see through the deception, there is a God who sees through all the thoughts of men and recompenses accordingly. He remains the person to be feared and revered. As the omniscient God, He indeed knows all things – Heb. 4:13.

3. The Almighty God reveals Himself as pure to those who are themselves operating in purity – Psa. 18:26a. To be pure in the eyes of the Lord is not to desecrate oneself in anyway whatsoever and to target holiness at all times, without which the Bible says no one can see God – Heb. 12:14. It may not be possible to achieve holiness by personal measures but the one who expects the support of the Lord during life challenges must have a mind that is always aimed at living a pure and holy life. The one who worships other gods aside from the Almighty God cannot expect to receive the support of the Almighty God during trial times as such is already having impurities in his/her relationship with God – Josh. 7:1-26.

4. The one who is froward will experience frowardness with the Lord – Psa. 18:26b. It is simply wrong for the one that is moving away from the Lord to expect support from Him during trial times. The one who expects the Lord to grant his/her request for support during trial times must develop a close relationship with Him before the day of trouble – Eccl. 12:1. There is no chance of God getting close to the one who is moving away from Him – Jms. 4:8.

He concluded by confirming that the lord will save the afflicted person but will personally bring down the one with high looks.

The above testimony of David is no doubt sufficient to convince even the extremely doubtful Christian about the ability of the Almighty God to intervene victoriously in the life of his people, but only if such is well positioned for that kind of intervention. It may be that you are not enjoying a similar intervention in your situation that is threatening to consume you. Know that it definitely is not because the hands of the Lord are too short or he has limit to his ability to save – Isa

59:1. It is not because those enemies are more powerful than Him. It is likely because He chose to stay away from your situation because you were not faithful to Him. It will never be sufficient to fast for many days continuously or get more involved in all those spiritual activities in expectation of His victorious Intervention. It is your faithfulness to Him and His instructions that will determine that because He will never be unfaithful, impure, and froward to you but will always be upright in His dealings with you if you make it your lifestyle to always work in his instructions and remain faithful to Him in all ways. May God grant us all the strength to remain faithful upright and pure in our worship of Him and our relationship with Him so as to earn is victorious Intervention in our situations in Jesus name. Amen.

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