Hear My Cry

She opened it and saw the baby. He was crying, and she felt sorry for him. “This is one of the Hebrew babies,” she said. – Exo. 2:6 NIV

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Today’s devotional is a sequel to the Devotional titled “Fear God”, where the decision of the Hebrew mid-wives to refuse to implement the instruction of the king with regards to the killing of the Hebrew male newborns was discussed. Their action had further helped to increase the number of the Israelites against the wish of Pharaoh and the Egyptians and had earned them all the kindness if the Lord and happy families of their own – Exo. 1:8-20. They could have ended up with no family of theirs, had they done otherwise.


The king who had intended to, although unsuccessfully, decimate the male population of the Israelites, with that directive given to the Hebrew mid-wives was not going to give up easily. In a move that was later revealed as the plan of God to demonstrate His greatness by destroying Pharaoh and his entire army, using the tool of stubbornness (Exo. 9:12; 14:4), the king went a step further, in his determination to achieve his intention, by giving instructions that every male child born to the Israelites be thrown into the Nile but the female children should be spared to live – Exo. 1:22. It was in the middle of the implementation of this deadly decree that Moses was born to a couple who were both descendants of Levi – Exo. 2:1-2. Attempting to protect the boy, which is probably what most other women had been doing during that period, she hid the boy for a period of three months until she felt she could no longer do so. She took a decision to drop the boy in the Nile, probably as instructed, but not in the manner the king ordered. She was not going to throw the boy in the Nile but she put the boy in a papyrus basket coated with tar and pitch, placed the basket on the Nile held down by the reeds along the bank and got the sister to watch from a distance, probably expecting the worst to happen – Exo. 2:1-4.


Something did happen but it was not what she expected. Obviously by divine arrangement which she had no pre-knowledge of, the daughter of Pharaoh chose that particular time to take a bath, only to sight the basket among the reeds. She asked her slave girl to bring the basket to her and she opened it only to see a baby boy whom she immediately suspected was a baby of an Hebrew woman. In the scripture that is the foundation of today’s Devotional, it was revealed that the baby chose that moment to cry, an action that triggered pity from Pharaoh’s daughter as she felt sorry for him. All that followed is now history as the baby was handed to his mother to be taken care of, on behalf of Pharaoh’s daughter, who although did not know her as the mother of the child but found her through the information provided by the sister who had all the while been on the watch. The baby was later returned to Pharaoh’s daughter when he was old enough and she named him MOSES – Exo. 2:5-10.


The story above presents the initial impression that Moses was unlucky to have come at a time when such a deadly decree was in operation just as some today will regard themselves as unlucky if found in similar circumstances and have made many write themselves off as incapable of success. However, the decree in operation could not hold the manifestation of Moses because his manifestation was about the larger plan and Will of God and not the small plans of men. This Will of God created several exceptions that made it possible for the schemes of men to be ineffective over the destiny of Moses some of which are listed below;

  1. Despite the possibility that several other male children may have been born around the same time as Moses with attempts made by their parents to hide them probably successfully or not, Moses’s got tired of trying, had him put in a basket and dropped in the Nile with the sister keeping watch in expectation of the worst. This move turned out to be the first major step taken that was to lead him into the palace of Pharaoh. Had that step not been taken, the chances of Moses fulfilling that part of destiny would have been really slim.
  2. Even if there were others treated in a similar manner by their parents, Moses was the only one that was sighted in that state and location when no other personality than Pharaoh’s daughter came to take her bath. It could as well have been Pharaoh’s himself or any of his merciless assistants who will instantly order that he be killed, but it turned out to be the merciful Pharaoh’s daughter.
  3. The crying of Moses came at the exact time that Pharaoh’s daughter opened the basket and the bible notes that the crying drew the pity of Pharaoh’s daughter.


Christians today can draw some lessons from the story of Moses one of which is that they cannot hinge their fate on prevailing circumstances or the result of other people’s attempts but must root their belief in the Will of God for their lives. That many attempted and were not successful does not in any way mean that the Christian will not be successful. The number of people that have failed in a particular venture should not be the yardstick to measure the chances of success for the Christian. Like the case of Moses, it should always be about the plan of the Almighty God for that life.


Many today are equally crying before their potential helpers but are still not receiving mercy. The blame for that situation should not be on such helper for refusing to show mercy or some negative powers somewhere, but should be put on the inability of such a person to draw the mercy of God. If God did not have a plan for Moses, he may have cried all day long and the daughter of Pharaoh will still not feel sorry. It was all about the mercy of God transferred to him because of the value of his existence to the plan of God. Do all you can as a Christian to attract the mercy of God over your life, by living a life that will have value to the Almighty God and you can be sure that your weeping during those trial times will attract pity from the right people. It will never be about how well you can cry or be emotional but how much the Lord is willing to grant sympathy and this will be due to the value that your actions bring or add to his Will and plans. Live a life of value to the Lord and you can be sure that He will do all to preserve it for His own glory. May our tears attract His sympathy into our lives in Jesus name. Amen.

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