Let Him Your Alpha And Omega

…Grace and peace to you from him who is, and who was, and who is to come, and from the seven spirits before his throne, – Rev. 1:4 NIV

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When the disciple John was sentenced to imprisonment on the Island of Patmos for reasons of the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus, he like any other would not have been able to see any positive that could come out from his becoming a tenant in a maximum security correctional center (Rev. 1:9), but that is what it turned out to be, as he not only became, probably the only one of the initial twelve disciples of Jesus Christ, to die in what can be considered a non violent manner, but more importantly became the one that was able to see what none of the other disciples were able to see, with regards to the plan of God for the end of time – Rev. 1:1-2. In a revelation that was made known to him by Jesus Christ through one of the angels, he was shown all that was going to take place and what he saw and heard must have been so convincing, as according to him, it came in a loud trumpet-like voice, with the instructions that he should write down all he was going to see, on a scroll – Rev. 1:10.


In opening his report of these series of events which happened when he was in spirit on the Lord’s day, he revealed the three major personalities behind the messages he was to later relate to all as follows;

  1. The first was The one who is, who was and who is to come, from whom Grace and peace was made available to all men – Rev. 1:4a. He was to later identify Himself to John as the Alpha and the Omega and the Almighty – Rev. 1:8.
  2. Secondly were the seven spirits, which he revealed were before the throne of the Alpha and Omega – Rev. 1:4b.
  3. The third source of his message was Jesus Christ whom he identified using the following three phrases; the faithful witness, the first born from the dead and the ruler of the kings of the earth – Rev. 1:5a.


Dwelling further on this third personality he revealed the following about him;

  1. That he loves us Christians – Rev. 1:5b.
  2. That he freed us from sins by his blood – Rev. 1:5c.
  3. That he made us into a kingdom – Rev. 1:6a.
  4. That he provided a platform for us to be priests to serve his God and Father – Rev. 1:6b.


He ascribed everlasting glory and power to him, whilst announcing his imminent return, through the clouds in a manner that all will see him, including those who pierced him and all the world will mourn him – Rev. 1:6c-7.


Although the disciple John, may simply have intended to identify these personalities for all to know the authority behind his message, the relevance of the information to the Christian then and today is immeasurable, as it provides an opportunity to have a better knowledge of the one whom the Christian is to serve and the personality and role of Jesus Christ in the relationship of man with his creator.


Although the book of Genesis mentions that Jehovah called on some others when he decided to make man in His image (Gen. 1:26), and the gospel according to John, revealed that Jesus Christ was existing at the beginning, being the Word that eventually became flesh and dwelt with men (Jn. 1:1-5; 14), none of those scriptures was able to describe these personalities and their roles in the life of man, as much as it was revealed to the disciple John during his incarceration in the Island of Patmos.


That the Christian today who understands the depth of the information provided by John will have a more fruitful relationship with Jehovah and Jesus Christ is not in doubt. Both are personalities that will continue to play major roles in how the Christian lives in this realm and in the life after life.


John was made to know the one he had always been told by Jesus Christ, to be the one who is, who was and who is to come. He was made to know Him as the one from whom Grace and peace was made available to mankind. It will thus be impossible for man to have this major requirements for successful living without Him. He is god yesterday and today and will be god forever. In fact, he was to describe Himself as the Alpha and Omega.


Christians would always be better of if they relate with Him from this perspective, which is that they will only be able to enjoy the Grace to live a peaceful life amidst the sinful nature of man and the constant effort of Satan to destabilise man, if they relate with Him as the beginning and the end of all that they are doing.


When he introduced Himself as the Alpha and Omega, He was not referring to what His name is, which He had earlier revealed as Jehovah (Exo. 6:3 KJV), neither was he referring to his personality which he also made clear when he called Himself, the I am that I am – Exo. 3:14. He simply wanted all to know Him as the beginning of everything just as He is to be the end of all things.


He wants man to acknowledge Him as the foundation of every action where success is intended. Without such acknowledgement, there will be no success, as the Grace required for such will be absent, just as, until He declares an end to a situation, no one should assume that the end has come. In every situation that man finds himself, positive or negative, man should never conclude about the situation until Jehovah declares the situation concluded. The one who knows Him as the Omega will never accept the conclusion of men in any situation, especially those situations that are not positive. To know Him as the Omega is to refuse to accept defeat in that situation, until He is done. Start everything in your life no matter how small, only when He has chosen to start and accept that it is over, not when anyone says so, but only when He says so.


Once you start when He chooses to start, all that happens in between will not matter for as long as He remains relevant all the way, and you can be sure that, by the time he shows up as the Omega, you will sing only songs of victory and joy. May He bestow on us all the consciousness to relate with Him as the Alpha and Omega of everything in our lives in Jesus name. Amen.

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