Do Not Live A Life Of Co-incidence.

The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you. – Gen. 12:1 NIV

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The Almighty God had regretted creating man after seeing what man turned to be. Man had become everything aside from what He wanted man to be and he thus decided to destroy the entire earth but opted to spare Noah, his three sons and their wives, and a pair of all living creatures, male and female – Gen. 6:1-22. Having completed the building of the ark according to the instructions and specifications of the Lord, the Lord sent down rain from heaven, probably for the first time in the history of the earth, seven days after Noah who was them six hundred years old, his sons and their wives and all the animals had completed their entrance into the built ark – Gen. 7:1-6. For forty days the Almighty God sent down rain on the earth which kept the earth flooded for another one hundred and fifty days after which the water dried out from the surface of the earth. Noah and the occupants of the ark however remained in the ark for another fifty-four days, after which, on the instruction of the Almighty God, they disembarked from the ark. The journey which commenced on the seventeenth day of the second month thus came to an end on the twenty-seventh day of the second month of the following year (Gen. 7:11-8:14), with only Noah, who was now six hundred and one years old and the occupants of the ark becoming the sole occupants of the earth.


Despite this drastic act of the Almighty God in destroying the world, man still did not cease from angering the Lord as their unity was going to be the next reason for incurring His anger. They had conspired to build a tower with a plan to reach out to heaven, one which did not go down well with Him, so he scattered them forcing different languages on them – Gen. 11:1-9. It is in the middle of all these negative acts of man that Abram evolved from the lineage of Shem, a direct descendant of Noah, two hundred and ninety-two years after the flood – Gen. 11:10-26.


During all these events, man may acknowledge the presence of an unknown supernatural being, but he was definitely not recognised sufficiently to the point of his being worshipped as the Almighty God. Man may have been worshipping a Being, but most likely did not identify that Being as JEHOVAH. More significant was the events of the family lineage  of Abram. Whereas every one along the lineage of Abram’s father who was Terah, had their son at an age below thirty-five years, Abram’s father had to wait until he was seventy years before giving birth to his first son just as he lost his third son named Haran, who was the father of Lot in the land of Ur of the Chaldeans. This will probably explain the decision of Terah to relocate from the land of Ur to Canaan as he may have considered that something was amiss around him and, only for him to stop his journey at Harran where he died – Gen. 11:31.


In a move that seemingly indicated that Terah may have been unconsciously operating under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, when he took the decision to re-locate to Canaan, the Almighty God in the scripture that is the foundation of today’s Devotional appeared to Abram, this time with clear and specific instructions to move on to Canaan as initially intended by his father, Terah. It was in this location that the Lord planned to remove whatever may have been his obstacles to prosperity and greatness. Yes! Until he arrives there, none of those promises was going to be fulfilled. Does it mean that the one that calls himself the Almighty God could not have blessed Abram in both earlier locations? Definitely not! Just that He chooses to do what He wants to do, when He chooses to and in the way and manner He chooses to. He had a long term plan for not just Abram, but also for a group of people who were going to descend from him later, and who will known as the Israelites.


There are many Christians today whose historical background seems to mirror that of Abram. With a family history that presents like there is some form of curse on its members, they take steps that are not backed by spiritual consciousness. They live a life of co-incidence where they do the Will of God, not by deliberate act based on knowledge but more out of a trial and error move or based on emotion. Such people cannot take actions based on conviction and so are quickly swayed once they have any reason, positive or negative to change such decisions. Although Terah was moving in the Will of God, the fact that it was based more on emotion or intuition probably accounted for his decision to stop in Harran thus further delaying the manifestation of his glory. He died in Harran not reaching his destination like most Christians today, who die not fulfilling Destiny, not because of the unwillingness of the Almighty God to take them there but because they are living a life of co-incidence. God’s plan remains God’s plan and whoever chooses to walk in His plan must be able to communicate with Him as anything different will be an act of playing lottery with one’s Destiny. Until you walk in that plan, all those promises will remain unfulfilled but hearing and walking in his plan will take you to your Canaan.


Is the curse appearing to be stubborn, even after all those prayers and vigils, stop thinking it is about the Lord not hearing but it may just be you not listening. Begin to listen today and you may discover that all you need do is to change your location and the inflow of the blessing will commence. May that be your testimony very soon in Jesus name. Amen.

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