Avoid Eternal Destruction.

…Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked faithfully with God. – Gen. 6:9 NIV.

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A chronology of the events of the creation of the world revealed the decision of the Almighty God at some point to destroy the world which he had created because according to the scriptures, the earth was corrupt in the sight of God and full of violence – Gen. 6:11-13. He had decided to destroy the entire world and create a new one in His attempt to restore the earth to its incorrupt state when He created. He was going to the destroy the earth, all the earth that is except Noah. His family members were also going to benefit from this grace extended to Noah, even though there was no evidence to show that they enjoyed the grace because they were seen in the same light as their patriarch. Therefore, aside from himself, Noah had with him his wife, his three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth and their wives, two of every living creature male and female (every kind of bird, animal and every creature that moves along the ground) – Gen. 6:18-20.


The above advantage was enjoyed by Noah and by extension, his immediate family members because as the Bible puts it in the scripture that is the foundation of today’s Devotional,

  1. Noah was a righteous man. To be righteous is to do right in all situations – 1Jn. 3:7. The only right thing at all times is the Will of God and whoever intends to be righteous must know the mind of God with regards to every situation.
  2. Noah was blameless among the people of his time. The Almighty God did not associate Noah with the wrong doing that was the normal with the people of his time. He simply stood out and refused to join them in actions that were not of the Lord – Matt. 5:16; Jn. 17:16-18.
  3. Noah walked faithfully with God. Noah believed all that the Almighty God said and had no doubt that whatever He said was the best for him to practice. He simply refused to walk by sight – 2Cor. 5:7.


The Almighty God is definitely not going to curse the earth again just as He promised Noah (Gen. 8:21-22), but that there is no total destruction of the earth since then is definitely not a sign that He is very happy with what the inhabitants of the earth have turned the earth into today. He may not be carrying out mass destruction but He is definitely expressing His discontentment with the state of events on the earth in other various ways. Ranging from unexplainable natural disasters to plagues and several life consuming wars, the Almighty God is still expressing His discontent with a world which arguably is performing worse than the state of things during the time of Noah. Moral and spiritual corruption is not just common but has become the norm as anyone attempting to operate with biblical standards is considered odd and out of tune with modern trends.


The Almighty God definitely has not changed His standards even if the entire world decides to change. The scripture says that he cannot deny Himself even when we decide to be unfaithful to Him – 2Tim. 2:11-13. He will not suddenly display an attribute that He does not have simply to pay man back as it is not in His person to be unfaithful but He will definitely punish such conducts. It will be wise for the Christian today to remain in those standards of His just as Noah did.


All entreaties to the people living in the time of Noah that the Lord desires that they change failed as they seemed to prefer the life that they were living and this they did until the waters suddenly came on them. Their argument then from the records of bible historians was that it was simply impossible for God to have the capacity to produce sufficient water that could drown the earth. It was already too late by the time they realised that nothing was impossible for Him to do – Matt. 19:26. The human race is in a similar situation today as most people are arguing that judgement time was not coming. They simply doubt the existence of any place called Hell wondering where such a place could be located. It simply did not exist in their opinion since scientists were yet to discover such a location but like Jesus Christ said, the Day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night – 1Thess. 5:2. Save yourself from this imminent destruction reserved for all those who do not meet up with His standard by striving to live a standard of life similar to that of Noah.


However, unlike Noah who was able to save his immediate family members, the upcoming judgement of the world will not allow for anyone to save another but self alone. The only grace that can provide such salvation is the name that is above all names that has been given to man – Acts 4:12.


It is not a lost cause for you if you have honestly assessed and discovered that you simply cannot meet with the standard of Noah, after all the Bible says that all our acts of righteousness is like filthy rags (Isa. 64:4-9) and despite all our attempts to be right with Him, we still cannot claim to be without sin. If there is however, a honest and sincere intention to be in sync with Him, then, He is also willing to perfect us and save us from the impending destruction – 1Jn. 1:8-9. All that needs to be done is to sincerely accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and salvation will be made available to you – Jn. 3:16. May God count us worthy of this Grace in Jesus name. Amen.

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