Never Cease Praising Jehovah.

Praise the Lord , my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name.  Praise the Lord , my soul, and forget not all his benefits— Psa. 103:1-2 NIV

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The scripture for today’s Devotional is the one hundred and third psalm in the Bible credited to King David, which revealed him talking to himself as he was addressing his statements to his soul. Although the version of the bible used in today’s reference uses the word “praise”, some other versions use the word “bless”, because the word actually means the act of endowing someone with something that such cherishes. That the Almighty God cherishes praise from his people is not unknown to all. Infact, the same psalmist says He dwells in the praise of His people – Psa. 22:3. It however takes one who is able to carry out a honest introspection and self-assessment of his/her life events, to be able to successfully see Jehovah in all those successes.


King David has always been associated with blessing the Almighty God with genuine praises, the type that he is advising his soul to always give to the Lord. In today’s foundation scripture, King David asked his soul to praise the Lord or put differently, bless the Lord with praise. He did not want just his body-man making verbal pronouncements that express the many great deeds of Jehovah and his immense support that helps man to overcome the challenges of life, but also for his soul-man to do same. This was not going to be about the physical acts that depict praise but the sincere spiritual act, that may not even have a physical component.


In the first two verses, he asked that everything in him joins him in his verbal expression of the greatness of the holy name of Jehovah, as he advises them not to forget all his mercies – Psa. 103:1-2. Just in case they may have forgotten or worse still, are not aware, he lists five activities of Jehovah that they (his body, soul and spirit) have enjoyed and are still enjoying as follows:

  1. Jehovah was the one that forgave all their transgressions, an act that the soul was going to be the main victim of, had He chosen not to forgive – 2Sam. 11:1-12:31; 24:1-26.
  2. Jehovah was the one that healed all their diseases, physical and spiritual – Psa. 103:3
  3. It is this same Jehovah that redeemed them from all the pits of life – Psa. 103:4. The many battles he faced with King Saul was sufficient to have overwhelmed him but for the support of Jehovah – 1Sam. 18:1-31:13.
  4. Jehovah was the one that expressed and is still expressing love and compassion to them. What expression of love can be greater than his being selected by Jehovah to replace King Saul as king of Israel (1Sam. 16:1-13), or the grace to overcome the rebellion of his son, Absalom – 2Sam. 15:1-20:25.
  5. Above all, Jehovah was the one that continued to satisfy them with good things of life, such that their life was constantly renewed – Psa. 103:5.


In all that David listed, he portrayed the picture that everything that he has been, he is and will be, are all attributable to Jehovah. That indicates someone who not only has a very deep thinking process but a very appreciative personality. No wonder, he escaped punishment for several acts of transgressions that he naturally should have been punished for. Even when he had overcome all his enemies and had peace on all sides, sins committed were not accounted to him, most likely because of this act of continuously acknowledging Jehovah in all his ways – Prov. 3:5-6.


Many Christians are quick to reference King David when seeking grace similar to the one he enjoyed, but what will always be questioned will be the level of their recognition, acknowledgement and expression of gratitude to Jehovah in all their ways. It is not about acknowledging and expressing gratitude in some situations but in ALL SITUATIONS.


As simple as it sounds, it is a completely different ball-game when it is to be practiced by man. Most times, men at best see Jehovah only when they need His support but immediately stop acknowledging Him once they become relatively comfortable. The result is an individual who cannot sustain the blessings already received, and will not receive new ones. No wonder, many Christians today are only able to testify about past Grace enjoyed, but no current one to reference, as they continue to wait endlessly for new Grace. The reason is simply because they cannot do what King David has taken as a second nature, which is to constantly praise Him at all times and in all situations.


The Christian that wishes to enjoy a continuous flow of Grace must learn to acknowledge Jehovah in all ways, not only secretly but openly. Such must like David, recall all the goodness received from Him, list them and continuously express sincere gratitude for them before Him and fellow men.  That is when such can enjoy the Grace similar to that of King David. May God grant us all the wisdom to acknowledge Him in all our ways in Jesus name. Amen.

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