Guard Your Soul.

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. – Prov. 4:23 KJV

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The biblical account of the steps that led to the emergence of man on earth indicate that man is a three-in-one entity comprising of the body, soul and spirit. The Bible records the event in heaven where Jehovah invited others to join Him in the process of creating man – Gen. 1:26. Soul-man was eventually created in that process, and Jehovah was recorded to have added the remaining components that allowed for man to be able to reside on earth, by forming the body-man from the dust and putting His breathe into the soul-man – Gen. 2:7.


So, whereas the soul-man was created in the image of God and like all other creatures, was accomplished by the pronouncement of Jehovah, the body-man was formed from the dust and the spirit-man completed the process, with Jehovah breathing life to make man a living being fit to live on planet earth. That man is a three-component being was also confirmed by the Apostle Paul in the concluding part of his first letter to the Thessalonians when he prayed that God Himself who is the God of peace will sanctify them through and through, so that their whole spirit, soul and body will be kept blameless at the coming of Jesus Christ – 1Thess. 5:23.


From this knowledge around the creation of man, it is apparent that the body-man and the soul-man are very fixed in terms of their state, as soul-man is immortal and body-man, which is mortal, remains intact until death comes knocking. The spirit-man thus remains the only fluid part of the human composition because, though the human being has the spirit of Jehovah at creation, different situations will determine the spirit that will be in man as man continues to exist on earth. It is the spirit in man which biblical scholars have referred to as the active part of man, that determines what every man does but the only component that Jehovah relates with as man is the soul-man which is sometimes, referred to as the heart of man. The reference to heart in this instance is not the same as the simple four-chamber organ in the body-man that performs the role of circulating blood throughout the body of man, and which has absolutely nothing to do with determining what a man hears, thinks or does.


Jehovah identifies with the soul-man because that is the part of man that will be held accountable for all that man does whilst on earth, despite the fact that such activities are implemented by the occupying spirit. This is because all that the spirit-man does is to implement and actualise the thought pattern of the soul-man.


The writer of the book of Proverbs is very much aware of this interaction between the component parts of the human being, hence, he, in the scripture that is the foundation of today’s Devotional, advised man to keep his heart with all diligence. This according to him, is because all the issues around the life of a man takes its source from there. Being aware of the role of each component part of man, avails the writer of today’s scripture sufficient knowledge to assert that the one who can control the issues around his/her life is the one who can effectively and diligently control the events going on in the engine room of man thoughts, which is the  soul-man. The soul-man is indeed the heart of man.


The issues of life vary but can generally be classed as positive or negative, either in terms of the comfort it brings to man on earth or what destiny awaits man after departing from this realm. That all the issues around the life of a man are products of decisions and choices made is not in contention. Even those that want to blame the circumstances and conditions of their birth, being one that is out of their control, still have the opportunity to right all wrongs as they grow up, but maybe chose to wallow either in self-pity or anger against another. Truth be told, there are many successful people today who were birthed into situations that were probably worse, but changed their story because of the choices they made as they traversed life. It will always be impossible to expect positive issues around one’s life if negative thoughts are allowed to continue to dominate soul processes. Unless the Soul, which is the heart of man, begins to process positive thoughts, those negative issues that are constituting stumbling blocks to progress in life of a man will remain.


To be able to be in control of the issues happening in life, the individual will need to take the advise of the wise man in today’s scripture, by being in charge of the information that becomes available for the soul to process, as that will be the foundation that will ensure that the product of such processing will be positive. To do this, there will be the need by the individual to take conscious steps aimed at filtering what goes into the soul-man through the gateways which are mainly what is heard and seen, and to some extent what the individual smells, feels or tastes. Ability to correctly interpret all these, and successfully determine what is allowed to take root in the soul-man and what should be instantly discarded, will go a long way in saving man from all those negative issues that constitute stumbling block to progress. Most of those gateways which are always open, but were left unguarded, allowed for uncensored information to get into the soul-man which is then processed, sometimes wrongly and produce all those issues around man, though man may not always want to readily admit that such negligence is responsible for the actions and issues that then manifest their lives.


Accepting that the ineffective control of all these entrants into the soul-man is the cause of all the issues that appear in the life of man will be the beginning of the process of controlling ALL these issues, as they remain the subtle way in which the information we use to run our lives are obtained.


For example, a man sees the progress in the life of another who is ERRONEOUSLY rated to be equal to him/her self and begins to process it, either as a motivation to working harder in order to achieve similar targets or begin to make statements mostly borne out of envy and jealousy. The fact is that both thoughts have the spirits that will be ready to activate them and their entry into the soul-man will be automatic and based on the thought direction of the individual. Of course, the repercussion of such entry and consequences of actions that are implemented will have to be borne by the individual, in this world and also in the life after life.


In the case above, the one who is positively guiding his/her heart, nay soul, will see the progressive person and will not waste time judging the success but will be pleading with the author of success, who is Jehovah, to grant sufficient Grace so as to achieve similar if not greater success. The result of such thought process is the availability of spiritual support to achieve those goals and the manifestation of positive events, representing success around such. This is unlike the one who decides to go on the path of envy and jealousy. The spiritual support to commit evil acts like murder and character assassination, just to nullify the success is what will be available and received. If only all men could just guide their heart to thinking and doing good, as it remains the major determinant of how Jehovah views man. The Bible recalls that the anger of God with man was because of the thoughts he harboured in his soul, which he described as evil – Gen. 6:5-6.


Man will always be surrounded by issues that will be the product of his/her thoughts, just as will always be affected by the thoughts of the people around him/her. The desire to change the negative issues around one’s life will start with the purging of the soul, of all negative thoughts, commencement of diligent guarding of the heart with a view to filtering what should and should not take root in them and equally important is the need to ensure that one is in the midst of those who are positive with regards to what is allowed to take root in their heart. That is when the journey to success over all those life issues will start and one will be assured of a peaceful life in this realm and in the life after life. May God grant us all the ability to diligently protect our soul from entrants that will corrupt our thought processes and bring negative issues into our lives in Jesus name. Amen.

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