How Much Proof Do You Need?

Who is like unto thee, O Lord , among the gods? who is like thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders? – Exo. 15:11 KJV

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Although the Christian is always told to have faith in God, having faith is actually not what comes from mere advise. Faith, the bible says comes from hearing of the Word of God – Rom. 10:17. To have Faith in God, is to have had a direct experience of what Yahweh is able to do or heard of what He has successfully achieved in similar situations. It may actually be impossible for an individual to have faith when there is no instance that can be referenced.


The Israelites who were in Goshen in Egypt may have heard so much about what Yahweh had done in the times of their fore-fathers especially how He saved them from famine by bringing them to Egypt through Joseph. Beyond this, they probably as a people had not really experienced the greatness of the Almighty God so when Moses who was just taking care of the flock of his father-in-law in Median heard a voice that was sending him on a message to his people in Goshen, Egypt, he needed to know the identity of this personality, not just for himself, but also on behalf of his people who he said would also want to know who the personality that was promising them deliverance was. The Almighty God on that occasion introduced Himself as the “I Am that I Am” adding that He was the god of their fore-fathers – Exo. 3:13-16. That was all He could say about Himself on that occasion as their was nothing else He could reference in terms of His intervention in their lives that was obvious to them. Their possible lack of faith in Him and expression of doubt in his ability was understandable, and was not in any way going to anger Him, at least not at that point in time.


Moses definitely observed the fire burning with the surrounding bush not being consumed but whether that was sufficient for him to appreciate the greatness of this personality he was just meeting, at least formally was in doubt – Exo. 3:1-6. Yes! With the rod in his hand and in the company of his brother, Aaron, he did witness several miraculous actions that were implemented, purely by his directives. There was no doubt that this new deity was the one behind it all, after all, He it was that gave instruction on what he was to do and everything happened the way He said it would – Exo. 7:8-11:10. At this point, Moses no doubt was beginning to acknowledge the greatness of this deity, at least when compared to the gods that he grew up to know in Egypt and even in Median. The way this god humiliated the gods in Egypt must have stunned anyone and revealed the greatness of this god.


All these paled into insignificance when on the way out of Egypt, they got to a point where they had Pharaoh and his army on their trail and before them was the huge Red Sea – Exo. 14:10-18. This was a sea whose width, Bible scholars and Geography students say is approximately three hundred and five kilometers (305km) at its widest point with a depth of about three kilometers (3km). It was this same sea that the bible reveals that the Almighty God sent a strong wind that created a five kilometers (5km) wide path and dried up the muddy bottom for the Israelites to pass through with the pillar of light ahead of them and the pillar of cloud and the angel coming behind them – Exo. 14:19-21. Moses and the Israelites must have also wondered why the Egyptians who were on chariots and horses could not catch up with them whilst they were going through the Red Sea, so much so that they got trapped in the Sea when the flow was restored. Of course this was because the Almighty God had made the wheels of their chariots fall off so they had difficulty driving their chariots – Exo. 14:24-28.


More significant was the nature of the parting of the Red Sea. It was not that the Lord stopped the flow of the Red Sea in which case one side of the Red Sea would have a heap of water whilst the other side will be dry. The Lord actually cut a path through the Red Sea with water forming walls on both sides and the Israelites passing through – Exo. 14:22. Now, that would stun anyone then and now. It was not Moses and Israelites alone that were stunned as even the Egyptians would also have been surprised at the great event that was manifesting before them. Moses and the Israelites in a spontaneous reaction broke out the song that was recorded in the fifteenth chapter of the biblical book of Exodus.


Using the best words that they could muster to praise and appreciate Him and to describe all that they had just witnessed, they concluded in the scripture that is the foundation of today’s Devotional as follows:

  1. That there was no god amongst the gods they had always known that was like Yahweh.
  2. They acknowledged that even in holiness, He was glorious.
  3. They equally acknowledged that he was fearful in praises.
  4. They had seen sufficient of Him to testify that He was always doing wonders.


Going forward from this point, they had seen sufficient of this mighty god called Yahweh and faithlessness in Him was no longer excusable, but like human beings then and now, they only lived for the moment as their subsequent actions indicated that they still will not demonstrate Faith in Him. Their faithlessness before this great event could be understandable but after this testimony of His greatness, they could no longer be excused and theirunderstandable, considered a sin, resulted in the journey taking the better part of forty years instead of the projected forty days, as the Lord had to ensure that all those who had witnessed this great act of His and testified to it, but still expressed doubt in His ability, did not enter the Promised Land – Deut. 1:19-45; Rom. 14:22-23.


To the Christian today, there is the need to ask how much proof is needed before total Faith can be expressed in Yahweh that He will do all He has promised to do. Christians need to realize that they cannot have faith after the miraculous intervention of Yahweh in their situation only to zero such faith at the commencement of a new challenge. The Almighty God expects that the true Christian should, at some point during the Christian journey, have sufficient faith in Him to do all He said He will do.


Christians should not expect to always get away with faithlessness as the Bible says that it will be impossible to restore the one who has become a victim of faithlessness after experiencing or witnessing all the miraculous interventions and greatness of Yahweh – Heb. 6:3-6. With the massive evidence available today, the Christian does not have to have personal experiences before having faith in God that He will do all He says He will do. Jesus Christ in addressing the faithlessness of Thomas told him that “blessed are those who did not see but believed” – Jn. 20:29. Save yourself from delayed or outright deprivation of the promise of God by avoiding faithlessness. It is the same Yahweh yesterday, that is today and will be forever. If He did it then, He will surely do it now and you do not need any additional evidence of His ability to do all that He says He will do before demonstrating Faith in Him. May He help and strengthen our Faith in Him in Jesus name. Amen.

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