Your Life Should Glorify Him.

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.  Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. – Psa. 19:1-2 KJV

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The biblical chronology of events with regards to the creation of the world confirms that Jehovah created the world in a six-day series of events and rested on the seventh day. He had different creations for each day, and at the end of each creation, he examined them to confirm if they met his expectations, probably based on a mental picture of what the creation was meant to be. His conclusion was the same for all. Using the Biblical word, “ And God saw that it was good”, he was able to confirm that all the creations met the mental standard he set out to achieve – Gen. 1:1-31.


The angels were to later reveal to man through the disciple John, whilst he was in prison in the island of Patmos that the Almighty God created all those things simply for his glory – Rev. 4:11. By this, it can then be concluded, that the mental standard Jehovah measured all creation by, when he finished creating them, was whether each creation was capable of bringing Him Glory. Although he concluded that they all were indeed “very good” and well created to achieve that purpose, it becomes a different issue whether each of those creations actually met the expectation of Jehovah after their creation.


The scripture for today’s Devotional confirms that all the creatures that were created on the fourth day lived up to expectation of Jehovah. In the first six verses of that poem, which is the nineteenth chapter of the biblical book of psalms which was supposedly written by David in honour of the Chief Musician, whom many believe to be the Almighty God, an attempt was made to confirm this with the listing of the activities of these heavenly bodies, as summarised below;

  1. All their activities were constantly telling of the glory of God, or better put, communicating his glory to all. The intensity of their brightness was a constant reflection of the personality of the Most High. It could only take one with great beauty to create something that was that beautiful.
  2. They are revealing His works or better still, providing knowledge to all about the greatness of Jehovah. The existence and activities of these creatures also helped to further convince anyone who is still in doubt, about the works that Jehovah did during creation. They could only have been, the product of someone as great as the Sovereign God.
  3. These actions of theirs is not limited by boundaries as they do so in every corner of the earth. The news of their activities was not limited to their immediate environment.


He used the case of the Sun as an example of the creation of God. Its majestic entrance and exit on a daily basis is a manifestation of the glory of God as it speaks volumes about his greatness.


The Bible also confirms that other heavenly creatures like the angels also spend all their time involved in activities that do nothing but bring glory to God (Rev. 7:11), but that cannot be said of man who was one of the creations of God on the sixth day – Gen. 1:24-27. This is the creation that was done in the image of God, and so was expected to be the major source of glory to God, but unfortunately that was not to be – Lk. 12:48. In fact, that creation became the only one that Jehovah regretted – Gen. 6:5-6. Instead of bringing glory to God, all it has brought to Him can at best be described as disappointment, as man became so good at perpetuating wickedness which is the product of the total inclination of the thoughts of his heart towards evil. Worst still is the rejection of every subsequent attempt by Him to re-align the thoughts of man, as man became stuck to thinking and doing evil. That definitely was not the intention of the great God when he decided to create man. What a huge disappointment man turned out to be.


Luckily for man, Jehovah is not giving up on this special creation of His as he still hopes that man can be salvaged and returned into his vision, at least not until he decides to bring all things to an end, either for the individual, when death comes knocking, or for the entire human race at the end of time. One can only imagine how glorifying it will be if man can reciprocate this love of God by taking a decision to fulfil the reason for his existence, one which cannot be a corporate decision but purely a simple decision by each person to do the needful. Jesus Christ in his sermon on the mount implied that it was purely the decision of the individual, when he advised each person, then and now, to allow their lights to shine sufficiently to all people so that Jehovah can be glorified – Matt. 5:16.


Like the heavenly creatures, the life and action of men must achieve the double objective of “speaking of the glory of God” and “revealing the greatness of His Works”,  just as there should be no limit or restriction to where both acts must be performed in order to bring glory to His name. It has to be made known all over the world. No wonder, Jesus Christ himself wanted his message of salvation to reach to the ends of the earth, as that will reveal the glory of God without limits – Acts 1:8; Mk. 16:15.


All human beings in general and the Christian in particular must do all in their power to ensure that their lives glorify Jehovah, as that is the only reason why he created man. If the non-living things can do so, then man has no reason not to do so. May God grant us the ability to live a life that will bring glory to Him in Jesus name. Amen.

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