Introductory Class.

Dividing The Word of Truth – Introductory Class

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. – 2 Tim 2:15 KJV.

The Apostle Paul in his letter to young Timothy, his son in the Ministry, who at that time was the Pastor and a Teacher of the Word in the Church in Ephesus, advised that he should study to show himself approved unto God as a workman that has no reason to be ashamed but one correctly handling the Word of truth – 2Tim. 2:15.

This advise was given despite the fact that he had been introduced to the Word right from childhood by Lois, his grand-mother and Eunice, his mother both of whom were confirmed to be women of faith in the Ministry. That he was therefore conversant with the Word was not in doubt but as observed by Paul, there is the need for him to activate the Word in his life so that it can achieve the purpose for which it was sent – 2Tim. 1:4-6. This dormant status of the Word was the reason for the fear that he was exercising due to the challenges he was either witnessing or experiencing in his time. It was almost getting to the point where he was becoming ashamed to openly associate with the faith, a situation which did not go down well with Paul who was his mentor and spiritual father in the Ministry, hence the need to give the advise in the reference scripture above.

Many Christians today live a life similar to that of Timothy. They no doubt boast of long-term introduction to, and association with the Word but manifest nothing to justify such association. If anything, their pronouncements and conduct in times of trials and life challenges presents them as worse than unbelievers. Such will definitely find this advise to Timothy very useful in their lives as it makes no sense to claim to have the Word and yet live a life of one who is ignorant of its existence, more so having it.

Paul advises such Christians to not just memorize, quote or preach the Word but to study it. The word study means to devote time and attention to acquiring knowledge on a subject matter. This is a completely different scenario from just reading or hearing the Word as it advocates a planned and conscious effort to have a deep understanding of the Word of God.

Most Christians today read the Word so that they can showcase the depth of their knowledge to their spiritual leaders, family members and friends but not with the utmost intention of preparing themselves so as to qualify as recognized and approved workmen of Jehovah in his vineyard. They will only end up living a life of fear and shame despite their physical exploits with the Word since the embers of the Word have not been fanned into flame in their lives.

To create a Word inferno will be to have one’s being consumed by the Word thus making the Word the epicenter of all activities. This will happen only if the Word is not just memorized but is rightly divided so that the true meaning as it relates to each individual’s life is revealed and applied.

The Bible is not a history book but a collection of spiritual solutions to all life challenges such that the Christian who operates in them can live a victorious life. The one who is not sure of victory in life battles cannot claim to have a good understanding and application of the Word.

The essence of this section of the Cross and Crown Teachings is not to grant the ability to quote the scriptures but to enable Christians view  their lives from the prism of the Word and dwell in it. That remains the key to living a victorious Christian life that even Jehovah and his son Jesus Christ will be proud of, since that is what is expected of us as Christians.

This section has been aptly named “Dividing The Word”  and we shall devote our time here Studying and applying the teachings of the Word into our lives so that we can earn his recognition and approval as workmen in His vineyard.

Discussions of each topic will be done using the following framework:

  1. Scripture of the day.
  2. Highlights of the day’s scripture.
  3. Practical application to the life of the Christian.
  4. Meditation
  5. Biblical References.

The series will start with a spiritual x-ray of the first four books of the New Testament, under the guidance of the teacher whom Jesus Christ left for us – Jn. 16:12-15. We will attempt to make every Christian mirror themselves in these scriptures, with the expectation that necessary adjustments and corrections will be made where necessary. This will help all to grow their lives  in accordance with the directives and guidance inherent in the Word and thus live a more fulfilling Christian life.

Each Study section will be available weekly and on all platforms on Mondays, 12 noon, WAT. However, the study for this week will be made available tomorrow since this introductory class is been dropped today. The one week time frame provides sufficient time to ruminate and meditate on the lessons so that the advantage it presents will be properly digested. You can also drop your comments or suggestions on the comments section of the social media page or directly on the comments section of our website, or better still, by mail to

Let us together walk this spiritual journey into freedom and prosperity as Jesus is waiting for us all.

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