Accept Your Destiny Challenges.

But Jesus made no reply, not even to a single charge—to the great amazement of the governor. – Matt. 27:14 NIV

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The debate on the existence or not, of destiny will not be won very soon by any of the divides, as each group will definitely continue to hold on to what they believe. Destiny is defined as a series of events that will happen to someone or something in the future, more specifically, the pre-determined path and events that will occur during the lifetime of a person as arranged by the creator, who Christians, like many other religious groups believe is Jehovah. Whereas, some people, especially the advocates of the theory of evolution being the process that led to the appearance of man on earth, believe that nothing of such exists, some actually believe that it is a reality that every creation should accept and live with. They argue that any creator would have a reason for each creation and so would design the creature to fulfil that particular purpose for which it is created.

Christianity does not leave any one in doubt as to the side of the divide that it has pitched its tent, as several sections of the Christian Bible support the notion that, indeed, Jehovah not only created all things, living and non-living, but also did so for unique purposes and so has equipped each creation with all that is required to achieve the set purpose called Destiny. The pathway to achieving this set Destiny will consist of several negative and positive experiences which the Christian faith refers to as crosses and crowns respectively, and how all these experiences are handled will ultimately determine whether or not, the creature will earn the ultimate crown on the Day of Judgement.

The Almighty God revealed to Prophet Jeremiah that He had designed his life as a prophet even before he was conceived by his mother (Jer. 1:5), just as the Apostle Paul said the elect have been pre-called and pre-destined for glorification – Rom. 8:29-30. The same Apostle Paul further supports the Destiny theory, when in writing to the Ephesians, he told them that the Almighty God had pre-destined different souls to play different roles ranging from being Apostles to Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers – Eph. 4:11. All these and many more scriptural references support the reality of the existence of Destiny.

Most people, Christians inclusive are always willing and happy to accept the positive events on the path to Destiny but the challenge for them is the event surrounding the negative events on the Destiny path. The unwillingness to accept this integral part of the Destiny package can be so intense that they wish to avoid the negatives but still desire to experience the positive. However, such desires will always remain a dream that will never come to reality. The creator of the world has designed life generally in such a manner that both the negative and positive go together. In fact, there is hardly any situation of the existence of a positive without a negative, so it will be wise for anyone who is having positive experiences, to actually anticipate the arrival of a period of the not so positive experiences. It may be possible to mitigate the effect of some of those negative experiences on the Destiny path, but totally avoiding them may be impossible as most great destinies cannot be attained without going through the cross-like situations – Exo. 13:17-18. The Almighty God may have made the Israelites go through a less challenging path on the way to the Promised Land but could not totally avoid the challenge as the alternative made their time of arrival in the Promised Land longer. It will therefore be advisable for anyone who intends to achieve life Destiny, especially those with great Destinies, to be more strategic and show greater understanding when in those cross-like situations so that such can successfully navigate that phase with assurance that the reward will be the glorious Crown that is waiting to be received.

The manner in which Jesus Christ navigated his path to Destiny remains the best template for anyone who is desirous of achieving success with regards to Destiny goals. He knew that he had been destined to come and die, not just an ordinary death, but a painful one at that, so as to fulfil the purpose of his coming into the world in the first place and thereby receive the Crown of Glory, so when he got into the cross-like phase of his journey into Destiny, he submitted fully and bore all the pain patiently – Isa. 53:5-8.

Right from the moment when he was arrested through to the time of his being beaten, spat on, accused falsely and crucified, the foundation scripture for today’s Devotional reveals that he did not resist or attempt to fight back. Even when some of his disciples attempted to resist the experience, he rebuked them describing their actions as satanic – Matt. 16:22-24; Matt. 26:49-52. He made it clear that it was a voluntary decision of his that made it possible for his enemies to succeed in their plans against him. He did all that because he was aware that it was a destiny path he had to follow and he eventually was justified and glorified – Matt. 26:24; Jn. 17:4-10.

Christians must equally examine every situation that comes their way with a view to assessing if it is part of the events that will lead them to their destiny. Once it is established to be so, the best approach will be to yield to the situation and allow the wave or worse still the storm to pass by over time, as any other decision may have very negative consequences on the destiny goals of such an individual in this realm and surely in the life after life. It is in that patience that divine solutions and support can be obtained to help in mitigating the situation or navigating out of it successfully. The running around of today’s Christian, seeking solution outside the divine options, accounts mostly for the inability of many to attain destiny goals as such unwillingness to yield to destiny requirements eventually create spiritual instabilities and faithlessness, that eventually leads to idolatry and back-sliding from the faith.

Temporary solutions may be sought and received in a bid to short-circuit destiny path which may eventually produce what seems like success but it will definitely lead to long-term regrets eventually. The Christian should be made to understand at all times that acceptance of Christ as Lord and Saviour is never going to stop one from having to confront challenges on the path to fulfilling destiny. It will only help in providing support required to successfully navigate that phase of life. If Jesus himself could not avoid the cross phase of his life and quickly allowed that the Will of the Almighty God supersedes, then, none of his followers should expect anything different – Lk. 17:24-25; Matt. 26:39-45. Remain patient under cross-like situations, as that is the only mode in which divine directives that will help in successfully navigating the through and attaining destiny goals, will be achieved – Psa. 46:10.

May God grant us all the patience to remain calm during the cross-like stages of our journey into Destiny so that we can receive divine directives that will lead us to success in our lives in Jesus name. Amen.

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