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The Gospels.

Sharpen Your Sword. Topic: The Gospels. Click the link below to download this study.!AqlXqPql5jU4gp1LwNmEwUh99Y4O-A John the Baptist denies being Christ. Scriptures – Jn. 1:19-28 The study today is focused on an event that unsurprisingly was noted only by John…

The Baptism of  Christ

Sharpen Your Sword. Topic: The Gospels.   Click the link below to download this study.!AqlXqPql5jU4gp0-SovSaCApM-0hJw   The Baptism of  Christ Scriptures – Matt. 3:1-17; Mk. 1:1-13; Lk. 3:1-22; Jn. 1:19-34.   Our study of the Gospels continue with baptism…

The Gospels.

Sharpen Your Sword. Topic: The Gospels   Jesus Christ In The Temple – Lk. 2:21-40; 41-52.   The scripture to be studied today is one that seems to be exclusive to only the writer of the book of Luke as…

Birth of John the Baptist

Sharpen Your Sword. Topic: The Gospels. Scripture: Birth of John the Baptist– Lk. 1:57-66. Highlights. The next two series of study is on the birth of two great personalities that laid the foundation of the New Testament era. God had…

The Gospels.

Sharpen Your Sword. Topic: The Gospels   Scriptures: Prophecy about the birth of Jesus Christ – Matt. 1:18-25; 2:1-12; 13-18; 19-23; Lk. 1:26-38; 39-45; 46-56.   Prophecy about the Birth of John the Baptist. – Matt. 1:5-25     Highlights….

Genealogy of Jesus Christ.

Sharpen Your Sword. Topic: Genealogy of Jesus Christ. Scriptures: Matt. 1:1-17; Lk. 3:21-38. Highlights. We will use the book of Matthew as the pivot on which the study of the Gospels will revolve and we will start by studying the…

Introduction to the Gospels

Sharpen Your Sword – Week 1. Topic: Introduction to the Gospels.   Scripture of the day. We will commence our exploratory activities into the Bible Gospels i.e. the first four books of the New Testament, by looking into the background…

Introductory Class.

Dividing The Word of Truth – Introductory Class Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. – 2 Tim 2:15 KJV. The Apostle Paul in his letter…

Watch That Attitude

“…But their eyes were holden that they should not know him.” – Luke 24:16 KJV The above reference talks about a period just after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Two of the disciples, unaware of his resurrection and still pondering…

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