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And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead. And he laid his right hand upon me, saying unto me, Fear not; I am the first and the last:   I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death. – Rev. 1:17-18 KJV

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The disciple John was in Spirit on the Lord’s day on the Island of Patmos where he was held as a prisoner of faith when a voice came through introducing himself as the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Almighty One which is, which was and which is to come. Having given instructions on what he wanted John to hear and showed him what He also wanted him to see and write in a book (Rev. 1:8-11), he encouraged him not to fear, and went further with the introduction of himself in the scripture that is the foundation of today’s devotional as the one that lived, died and now is alive for evermore. He also is the one that has the keys of death and hell. In that brief spell He had gone ahead to provide the following information about himself:

  1. He is the Beginning and the End of all things.
  2. He was once alive but died only to come alive again, and this time to die no more.
  3. He held the keys of death and hell.


Ordinarily, one would have expected that a mere introduction of himself  to John as Jesus Christ would have been sufficient after all he it was that called him to be his disciple and they were together for a period that was not less than three years. Within that period the relationship grew to the point that John was regarded as the disciple that Jesus loved (Jn. 20:2) and bible historians claim it was to John that Jesus Christ handed his mother just before his death on the cross (Jn. 19:26) but he probably thought differently. Merely mentioning his name on that occasion may not identify and establish the authority of the one behind the message and of course achieve the essence of the message as it may just evoke emotion and several nostalgic feelings. It will probably trigger a feeling of self-pity with the thoughts that he may not have found himself in that incarceration if Jesus Christ was still with them. The above is a possible emotion that the mere mention of his name to John could have triggered and so water down the significance of the message. This is because a relationship that existed for that long would have several landmark or milestone events that would have characterised it and so it was important for him to let him see the specific events that relates to the essence of that communication.


Most Christians need to take special notice of some highlights of this act of Jesus Christ either in their relationships with the Almighty God and his Lamb or even in their day-to-day interactions in their secular activities some of which are as follows:

  1. Jesus Christ took time to introduce himself properly at that meeting for John to have good and relevant background information about the person who was talking. How well is the Christian today introduced to the Almighty God and Jesus Christ? It is very important for the Christian to be properly introduced to the main characters in this relationship. Jehovah for instance is not one of the gods but the only god. Should the Christian realise this, there will be less talk of the act of idolatry that is rampant amongst Christians today. Getting to know Him and the several works of His hands through sermons, teachings and several other true sources will bring Christians to respect Him more than they do today. When David got introduced to Him with regards to His achievements, he began to wonder why this great God still humbled himself by trying to associate with man – Psa. 8:4-8. Getting properly introduced to the Almighty God will make the Christian benefit more from relationships with Him as it will be easy to know when and how to call Him into every situation. This no doubt is the same when the relationship with His Lamb is also in reference. A proper introduction will no doubt engender a better relationship as the Christian will know what to do and not do in the relationship.
  2. How effective was the introduction that the Christian gave of him/her self at that meeting? Most Christians have lost several opportunities in life and have laid the blame on witches and wizards or similar negative forces in the world when in actual fact, the challenge was that of bad introduction or non-relevant introduction. Prospective employers for instance ask applicants to submit information about themselves during the application process and they do not expect a life history of the applicant but information that will project the applicant as suitable and qualified for the intended position. Most people either do not possess this information or the information is not easily accessible in the supplied document and so lose the opportunity. That cannot be the fault of witches and wizards but the inability of the prospective employer to see the required positives of the applicant that qualifies him/her for the position applied for.

A proper introduction is definitely necessary for proper and effective communication to be achieved which ultimately will foster stronger relationships. Your personality does not end with your name as that remains just an identifier. Your real personality should be more around what you have achieved as those are the things that make you who you are. Many people there are today who have given names to their children at birth or have acquired new names in the course of life based on prominent life achievers but the expectation remains a dream as merely answering that name will never transfer the achievement of such prominent personality to them. They need to also have and highlight their own achievements else they will be considered as doing great disservice to the name they acquired.


Do all you can to know the Almighty God and His Lamb, not just by name but knowing their achievements and how those achievements can positively affect your life as that gives a better chance of having a rewarding and fruitful relationship with them. Likewise do all you can to achieve in life so that your introduction will go beyond the mere mentioning of your name if you really desire to be respected and honoured in the society. Names are not honoured and respected if they cannot be associated with any relevant life achievements.


May God grant us all the wisdom to know the Almighty God and His Lamb better as that remains the surest way to having great life achievements that will give us an introduction beyond mere mentioning of name and thus position us for honour by the Almighty God and men in Jesus name. Amen.

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