Make Your Robes White

And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. – Rev. 7:14 KJV

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After the disciple John had been shown and told what seemed like the assessment report of the seven churches in Asia, and he had equally, as directed, written all in a book, he revealed the opening of a great door in heaven and a voice which sounded like a trumpet, inviting him upwards to be shown things that were to happen in the future – Rev. 4:1. Several of them in what seemed like a chronological order were shown to him. Today’s scripture is the part of the revelation that revealed the events that will immediately precede the final destruction of the earth. In his account, an angel had arrived from the east, stopping the four angels whose duty it was to hurt the earth, from carrying out their task until the servants of God had been sealed on their foreheads – Rev. 7:1-3. According to his report, only 144,000 of the people of Israel were sealed in addition to an innumerable multitude from different nations, people, tongues and kindreds all standing before the throne and the Lamb, clothe in white robes and with palms in their hands asserting that salvation belongs to the Almighty God and the Lamb – Rev. 7:4-9. Based on his inability to answer the question posed to him earlier by the angel as to whether he knows who the people gathered before the throne were, the angel identified them in the scripture that is the foundation of today’s devotional. The select group were able to stand before the throne of the Lord to praise Him day and night because;
1. They have successfully come out from the great tribulation. The angel presents their period of existence in this world as a period of suffering characterised by several life challenges and troubles. These were enough challenges to make anyone back down from their decision to worship the Almighty God exclusively but the angel confirms that they stood in their faith till the end.
2. They had their robes washed and kept white using the blood of the lamb. Robes in this instance is in reference to their body and soul. They were able to maintain their purity, even in the face of their earthly challenges. In tackling their life challenges, they refuse to consider or accept any solution that will not have a godly foundation. For them it was the Almighty God and His Lamb or nothing else.
Their victory over their life challenges as represented in the palm fronds they held in their hands was according to their testimony, due to the support of the Almighty God and his lamb – Rev. 7:9-10.
Their success ensured that they hunger or thirst no more, just as neither the sun light will no longer beat them, nor any heat scorch them again because they shall be fed day and night by the lamb that is in the midst of the throne who will continually lead them unto living fountains of waters. The Almighty God will equally wipe away all tears from their eyes thus ending all their sorrows.
What a great reward for successfully navigating the tribulations of the world without getting stained, not because of personal ability or acts of righteousness but because of the grace that is made available to the faithful Christian by the Almighty God and His Lamb.

The devil uses the instrument of tribulations and trials to attack the faith of the Christian in this world thus negatively affecting the well being of its victims and making life very unbearable. Such is deprived of life’s items of comfort such as good health, clothing and shelter. The devil goes further to offer relief from all these deprivations in exchange for a decision to worship him and thus denying the worship of the Almighty God and the Lamb. He however continues to the life of all those who reject his offer to serious tribulations thus making them feel they are operating in darkness or similar to living in hell.
The disciple John was able to provide a sneek preview of what will happen to those who choose to tolerate and resist all the attack that the Devil may present most of which manifests in all those discomfort and tribulations. From one stage to the other, the devil never gives up trying to blackmail the Christian into denying the Lord and choosing to worship him but the Christian must remain faithful till the end.

Of course, resisting the devil can not be an action that man in his/her own ability can succeed in hence the need to plead for grace that comes with the blood that was shed on Calvary. It is this blood induced righteousness that grants the Christian the ability to go through life trials unscathed and so have all their stained souls washed and made clean.

The Christian today has a choice to make. To either avoid the tribulations that the devil places before them in exchange for earthly comfort or choose to ignore all the deceits of the devil and plead the blood for grace to be able to withstand the devil and its tribulations which make the Christian live a life similar to hell on earth, so as to be able to appear before the throne of the lamb white and spotless. A choice between comfort in this world with eternity in hell or overcome the tribulations and trials of this world with the assurance of living the life similar to the one described in today’s scripture in eternity. The Almighty God is waiting for your decision. May you be guided rightly in your decision in Jesus name. Amen.

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