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And the Lord said, I have surely seen the affliction of my people which are in Egypt, and have heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters; for I know their sorrows; – Exo. 3:7 KJV

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The devotion today is the second part of the devotion with the same title. Immediately following the series of events that highlighted the encounter of Moses with the Almighty God was the announcement of the reason for the meeting by the Lord and this remains the foundation scripture for today’s devotion. The Almighty God, in that scripture made it clear that He had;

  1. Indeed seen the affliction of His people in Egypt. The use of the word “indeed” means that he had actually taken the conscious effort to examine what they were going through and was in a position to confirm that a people whom He had come to identify as His own were being caused pain and trouble in Egypt and was convinced that they did not deserve or merit the painful experience that they were been put through.
  2. He had heard their cries by reason of their task masters. The people had been calling for His intervention with regards to their being oppressed by task masters appointed by Pharaoh and was confirming that all their pleas actually got to Him – Exo. 1:8-14; 2:23. This becomes significant because for a very long period, they were calling on the Lord with nothing to indicate that he heard them. It is normal for anyone in such circumstances to wonder whether such appeals ever got to the Lord or whether sin was constituting a hindrance to getting a response or whether God was powerless in their situation.
  3. He confirmed that He knew their sorrows. For anyone who believes in the Lord and is aware of what He can do, this piece of information will always come as good news. The awareness of God about one’s situation is an indication that the oppressive situation is coming to an end and that liberation is very near.
  4. He had come to rescue them from the hands of the Egyptians. That just confirms the manner of his intervention as He was through Moses, going to liberate them from the hands of their oppressors.
  5. He intended to relocate them to another land which was flowing with milk and honey, one which was to be later named the Promise Land. This meant He had a compensation for them for all their years of being under affliction.


This physical manifestation of the intervention of the Lord did not however commence on that day when He was communicating with Moses but had started at least eighty years before then. The following can be said of the intervention and the liberation of the Israelites by the Lord.


  • Firstly, it cannot be said that the experience of the Israelites in Egypt was unknown to the Lord as what they were experiencing was a product of his pronouncement. He it was that made the declaration to Abraham that his descendants will be strangers in a country that was not their own where they will be enslaved and mistreated for four hundred years – Gen. 15:13-14. So not only was He aware of this situation even before it happened, He was also aware of how long it will last. The Israelites could complain about their situation for ever, but nothing was going to change that timing which was also communicated to Abraham at the time.
  • Secondly, the Almighty God was aware of this divine timing and was working with it. There was nothing the Israelites could do to fast track anything as all will happen in due season. They simply had to learn to live with the situation until the time was right for divine intervention. The evidence of God’s awareness and planning is in the divine path to maturity that Moses passed through which must have commenced at least eighty years before He finally appeared to Moses in Midian. He had it all the while in His plan when He was saving Moses from two previous attempts by Pharaoh to terminate his life. It means that for all the period that the Israelites were praying thinking that God did not hear them, he had already started working on His plan for their liberation.
  • Thirdly, He had a compensation plan to bring them to a land flowing with milk and honey where they will have peace and comfort in what they did not work for. Although it was a plan by Him, the people will still need to play their part to bringing this plan to fruition.


The life pattern of the Christian, like the destiny journey of the Israelites has been charted out by the Lord and it is planned to follow a particular schedule. All the Christian need do is to have faith that the Lord’s plan is the best at all times and those plans will be revealed in due season. That it cannot be seen does not mean that He is not working on it, as He will only make it manifest when it is due, just as His arms will not be twisted in any way into fast tracking that plan. In truth, it may even be delayed but will hardly come earlier.


The Lord said he had indeed seen the affliction of His people just as He has indeed seen your affliction and He will send help in due season. God will not just send help to liberate but will usually replace discomfort with comfort. Yes! You should continue to pray without ceasing until God’s Moses for your life arrives, and have no doubt whatsoever that he heard all that you are asking of him and He is following a time schedule for your manifestation. Help is indeed on the way and you can rest, assured that it will all end with thanksgiving to the Lord. Stay strong, remain in faith and very soon your help will arrive and you will sing a new song. May God make that your testimony in Jesus name. Amen.

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