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I will say of the Lord , He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. – Psa. 91:2 KJV

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The devotion today is the continuation of the first part of the devotion with the same title where the Christian was encouraged to follow the biblical  instructions and standards that are required to be met by anyone who intends to have a seat in the secret place of the Most High. Moses says that success in this objective entitles such a person to leverage on that advantage and remind the Almighty God at all times that He is his “refuge” and “fortress”. These are two very powerful words with very deep implications.


A refuge is a place or a situation that provides protection and safety in times of danger. A place that one can run to when one needs protection against life endangering situations.  Meanwhile, a fortress can be a person or a thing that cannot be affected by external influences or disturbances. Therefore when Moses says that the one that has a seat in the secret place of the Most High should let the Almighty God know that he/she has conceded responsibility for that part of his/her life to Him, he meant that,

  1. Such has ceded to the Almighty God all that has to do with his/her protection or safety. It also means that such relies on the Almighty God to save him/her from any situation that can cause harm or injury and ensure that he/she is kept safe from such events. The one who will be able to provide such and promise it will not only have to be alert at all times but must be all powerful to overcome all forces irrespective of their capability. Definitely, only the omnipotent God can make such promises as He is the one that the Psalmist says does not slumber nor sleep (Psa. 121:4) and He is also the most powerful – Jer. 10:6. This grace however is made made available only to those who can dwell in the secret place of the Most High and no fasting or vigils, day or night, can earn one this great advantage. You too can access this level of grace by doing all you can to have a seat in His secret place.
  2. Such acknowledges that the safety that the Almighty God provides cannot be influenced by any external factor, physical or spiritual and no matter how strong such may be. Aside from the one protecting having the ability to render complete protection, the confidence in such a source not to compromise or betray the trust is also very key. So many instances of security breaches have been linked to betrayals and compromise by the security deployed to provide protection, just as many small gods, spiritual or human have traded away the confidence built in them but that is not the case with the security and protection that the Almighty God provides. Some of these sources actually do not have any intention to betray or compromise but just became powerless in the face of superior power that the advancing enemy came with. However, the protection and safety that the Almighty God provides is not only dependable but also very reliable. It is able to overcome every power irrespective of their form and potency. For as long as you continue to retain your seat in His secret place, you can go to sleep with your two eyes closed and assurance of 100% safety. This level of assurance again cannot be accessed from any source neither will any human skill provide it. Only the Almighty God provides it and it is automatic for all those who are seated in His secret place.

There is absolutely no doubt that with this level of security, man has nothing to worry about but will just need to do his/her part of securing a permanent seat in His secret place. No life can be more peaceful than this, where you have the Almighty God as your Chief Security Officer. Then you can also be confident that everything you leave in his care such as life, family, business, relationships, etc., will be well protected and kept safe from all the challenges of life.


This assurance was confirmed by Moses in the same scripture when he listed the following as the additional advantages that the one that is seated in the secret place of the most high can get from being in this close relationship with the Almighty God and they are as listed;

  1. Deliverance from the fowler’s snare and noisy pestilence – Psa. 91:3.
  2. There will be assured and reliable protection – Psa. 91:4.
  3. There will be nothing to fear either during the day or night – Psa. 91:5-6.
  4. There is assured safety – Psa. 91:7-8.

These and more will be the focus of the  third part of this devotion but there is indeed lots to gain for the one who can have a seat in the secret place of the Most High beyond being able to have the Almighty God as a refuge and fortress.

Do all you can to have a permanent seat in His secret place so that you can access all these advantages. May God provide help for you in achieving this noble objective in Jesus name. Amen.

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