Care For The YOU In You.

Title: Care For The YOU In You.

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That man is a Trinity of soul, body and spirit is no longer news to many Christians and students of the Bible – 1Thess. 5:23, Eccl. 12:6-7. According to the bible, the origin of the body component is dust and it will eventually decompose and return to dust (Gen. 3:19) so its fate is clear. The spirit is the entity that is always changing in man and helping to decide what particular behaviour an individual comes up with. It is called the activator of man because it is the spirit that helps to activate the thoughts of man. An individual inhabited by a lying spirit will lie (2Chr. 18:21) and the one inhabited by a spirit of fornication will make the act of fornication a regular habit. The act of deliverance is actually aimed at expelling an unwanted spirit out of an individual. The process is however not complete as the soul of man cannot be left empty, until a new spirit inhabits the soul. If a desired spirit is not invited to occupy the space left, then another undesired spirit will take occupy the space – Matt. 12:43-45. In the case of Christianity, deliverance is the expulsion of any spirit different from the Holy Spirit from an individual and such is subsequently taken through a process of recognising and asking for the Holy Spirit to inhabit him/her – Lk. 11:9-13.


The soul is the third part of the human trinity and it is actually the real man. The soul is the man in man. It is the YOU in You. Whereas the body is visible to all, the spirit and the soul are not visible to man but that does not in anyway make them less important – Eccl. 12:6-7. If anything, they remain the two most important components of man.


Because man sees the body, special attention is always given to ensuring that the body looks good. All the struggles of man on earth is to ensure that the body looks and feels good. Man eats good food in order to nourish the body just as nice clothings and ornaments are purchased to beautify the body. All health issues partaining to the body are given prompt attention and indeed discomfort in the body creates serious dis-orientation for man. Fellow men are quick to judge man purely by the looks of the body and all these is done most times at the detriment of the soul. However the unfortunate part remains that despite all the attention given to the body it still ages and eventually fails man. There is no argument with this because right before our eyes, very beautiful and well maintained bodies fail the owner after a period of time, as the person eventually dies and decomposes with offensive odour accompanying the decomposition of this same entity that so much has been invested in.


Something that is however very sure is that the soul does not die or decompose as it is immortal. It is the component of man that faces the challenges of the life after life which Christians have come to regard as judgement and life in eternity. It is eternal and its fate is also dependent on how it was cared for in this existence.


The truth is that the soul also requires and deserves care and attention. It is very necessary to have the soul in good health. Whereas men judge the state of self through the condition of the body, it is the soul that is the focus of the spiritual. The dressing, health and beauty of the soul is also very critical in assessing how it is related with by spiritual elements with regards to its comfort in this world and it’s final destination in the life after life. The clothing of a soul is the character of the individual that is associated with that soul which in itself is a product of the spirit that is in operation in the person. The health of the soul is determined by the level of spiritual nourishment and care give  to ensure spiritual growth and development of the person. The individual must regularly feed the soul with the right spiritual food which is the Word of God. There must be constant interaction with spiritually fulfilling words and activities to ensure that all that is seen, heard, sensed, smelled or said are spiritually nourishing to the soul such that will make the soul become attractive to positive spiritual elements.


The soul must be properly dorned in beautiful dresses which are classified as the fruits of the spirit as listed in the scriptures (Gal. 5:19-22), whilst negative dresses characterised by all those acts of flesh which are equally listed in that scripture must be avoided. This is because the fate of the soul will be determined by the its state of health and its spiritual condition, the same way that men determine the fate of the body using similar parameters. The only difference is that whereas the body will eventually decompose irrespective of how well it is treated, the soul is immortal and its destination in the life after life will be determined by this same factors. It is the acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in addition to the state of the soul that will determine where and how eternity is spent. It is no doubt a good idea to take care of both body and soup but should there be the need to make a choice between both, there should be no hesitation in choosing to care for the soul because that is the real YOU. That is the YOU in You. The Christian religion predicts only one of two destinations for a soul which is heaven or hell and both destination are final destinations with no opportunity for a change once the soul leaves this realm – Heb. 9:27. Take good care of it so that a peaceful eternity will be assured for YOU.


In the same way that the body is fed daily, the soul should likewise be fed by reading and meditating in the Word of God daily. Dress your soul with good character and ensure your soul remains healthy by ensuring that all you look at, listen to and say are things that will encourage you into doing positive things and above all, ensure that that spirit that is activating your soul is the Holy Spirit. Plead with the Almighty God to bless you with it. That remains the way you can ensure a very healthy YOU that is in You for the sake of your eternity. May God help you to do this in Jesus name. Amen.


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