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Woe to them that go down to Egypt for help; and stay on horses, and trust in chariots, because they are many; and in horsemen, because they are very strong; but they look not unto the Holy One of Israel, neither seek the Lord ! – Isa. 31:1 KJV

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Today’s devotion is a continuation of the first part of the devotion with the same title. That part discussed in detail the reasons given by the Prophet Isaiah as to why any one generally should be careful about the choices made when seeking for help as a help wrongly sourced will only produce temporary joy, and that is if the one seeking help is not disappointed, as all expectations based on human evidence, that the one being asked for help is in a position to dispense such favours, may not be met.


The Prophet Isaiah in subsequent verses of the same chapter goes further to explain why such options should not be considered, even if they are available, especially if the condition that help is being sought for was imposed as a form of punishment by the Almighty God. Like it is well known, such conditions can and will only be reversed if the one experiencing them takes the simple step of repentance and seeks forgiveness from God rather than seeking help from men to either mitigate the situation or completely remove it.


The Prophet reveals that the Almighty God is well positioned to frustrate the intended helper thereby making it impossible for him/her to be in a position to render the help – Isa. 31:2. He makes it known that in such circumstances, the Almighty God not only retains the punishment but increases it as he sees all efforts to illegally remove it as acts of wickedness. It is so because, such efforts not only attempt to paint the Almighty God in a bad light but also serves to encourage people who transgress the instructions of God to continue to do so, as they can always escape the consequence of doing such. Reminding people who seek help from human options in such situations that their options are mere mortals, he adds that the Lord will work against both the one seeking help and the one planning to render help such that they will all fail together – Isa. 31:3.


In a verse that reveals the determination of the Almighty God to stick to his position until the needful is done, He (God) compares Himself to a lion who has its prey in its hands adding that no activity of shepherds irrespective of their number can snatch that prey from its clutches – Isa. 31:4. The Prophet Isaiah however, also reports the determination of God to continue to defend and protect his people but only on the condition that they turn back from their worship of idols and see him as their only God – Isa. 31:5-7.


There is no doubt that there is sufficient lesson for the Christian that is seeking help and the one that is offering to help in this scripture. For him/her who is seeking help, there is the need to know that help, especially in such circumstances, will not come from anywhere without the Lord’s approval – Psa. 75:6. All attempts to seek help without God will meet with frustration and it is not always because people do not want to help but because the Lord may even be frustrating those that want to help as revealed in today’s scripture. Since the extent of the knowledge of man is limited, you will be better off taking the blanket decision to go back to God who is always in a position to render help to overcome in such situations, whether the situation resulted from sin or not.


For the Christian that is planning to render help, it should be clear to such that he/she may just be placing him/her self along the path of God’s anger if approval is not sought from the Lord before attempting to render such help. Aside from the fact that what you want to help with is only a gift from the one whose interest you may be working against, it will be an impossible task to pull up someone that the Lord pushed down. That will be declaring a war that you will NEVER win. It will be actions taken to bring instability into your life.


Examine your situation and determine if you belong to any of the above divides and on which side of the divide you belong to. Are you in that dire situation because God put you there as some form of punishment to bring you back to Himself? In that case all you need to do is to repent and ask Him for forgiveness and He is ever willing to forgive. Alternatively, are you in that situation because you are attempting to pull someone out of a situation that God Himself put the person as a form of punishment for acts of transgression? The solution may just be for you to leave the firing line of the Almighty God before you lose your look life in a battle that you will never win. If however, you are already suffering because of your ignorance, then you can plead with God letting Him know that you have learnt your lessons, with the hope that He will restore you. May God lead us all aright in Jesus name. Amen.

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