Lay Foundation For Success

Title: Lay Foundation For Success

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Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Although, the expectation is that a task is successful when an expected reward is achieved, in most cases the mere completion of the task may be sufficient to describe the task as successful since completion on its own is an unstated expectation at the commencement of the task. However, most people will prefer to move the boundary of success definition for any accomplished task to the one that produces a positive result after the completion of the task and that also is how the Christian is expected to define success.


To not have a positive result is to just be a mere participant, a mere figure among several numbers or just another person in the scheme of things but that is not what the Almighty God and His messiah for humanity expects of his devotees when success is being considered. In His advise to Joshua on the need for him to make the book of laws his friend and to regularly meditate in the contents, the King James version of the bible quotes the Almighty God as saying that is the way that Joshua will have “good success” – Josh. 1:8. That evidently is the kind of success that interests the Almighty God and that is the type he desires for his people. Jesus Christ himself refers to Christians as being the salt of the earth – Matt. 5:13. That is also an indicator of what he expects from us Christians. We need to be the X-Factor for success in every situation that we find ourselves. So the Christian is not expected to just participate, but to come out with stand out performance in all situations. Therefore, it can never be sufficient to just experience the new year and be alive throughout the year, but we must have evidence of a successful year in all that we do.


In the chase for success, some Christians have chosen to go to the Almighty God. This no doubt, is the best decision as the Almighty God is the all knowing god and He it is that created every man with the purpose for every creation well known to Him. It is the operation in this purpose that enables the Christian to be more assured of success. This is because the creator, knowing the purpose for the creation has included in each creation, the total requirements for success in the specific area for which he/she was created. Operating in such specific areas by creation thus engenders success as all the necessary requirements are within the reach of the one desiring success. Where the requirements for success were not in-born, the same creator is in a position to input these requirements as may be required to enable the creation succeed in the divinely defined tasks that will produce success.  So it will not be wrong if creation spends time before the creator in prayers and meditation, seeking direction and empowerment for success, in order to lay a good foundation at the beginning of every intention to be successful. The creator is then able to reveal the location of the task to be performed for success to come, area of strength and weakness of the one desirous of success and provide all that is required to achieve that success. The creation however is allowed to stay before the Lord in prayer and meditation only for as long as he/she is yet to receive a clear response that will determine the direction that the task implementation is, after which he/she must step out in faith based on revelations received.


Foundations for any good success must be laid in the Lord else there is always a very high chance of encountering challenges that will kill off the effort and thus produce failure, which is the opposite of success. However, with the Almighty God as the foundation, all bottlenecks are forseen and solutions prescribed such that the creation can ease past all these challenges to success. The fact remains as it is always said that, “there is no royal way to success” just as there is a price that must be paid for success, so challenges on the path leading to success should be expected always. The idea that such challenges are the handiwork of the devil or enemies may not always be right as it should be made known to all, Christians inclusive that success has never been and will never be cheap. It is a product of a combination of many attributes some of which will be discussed in this write-up.


To always see the role of the devil or the enemy in every challenge on the path to success is to create unnecessary distractions for oneself. Valuable time expected to be spent in working out solutions, using divine wisdom, will be spent chasing imaginary enemies whose destruction, even if it is achieved, will not change the fortunes of the one seeking success. It is simply not possible to apply a wrong solution to any challenge and expect to overcome such challenge. The right mindset is very key to overcoming challenges to success in life.


As stated earlier, the only reason why the one who is desirous of success should be in Church is to be able to lay divine foundation and seek divine support in the accomplishment of the tasks that lead to such an individual becoming successful in any endeavour. These specific tasks to be performed are mostly not in the place of prayer and so the one who desires success cannot remain in the place of prayer perpetually, expecting success. He/she has to be at the location of the task, empowered with those spiritual tools acquired when he/she was in the location of prayer. The one that sleeps and wakes up in the Church claiming to seek success in life can only have failure as a reward, not because the Almighty God is not willing to support such in the desire to be successful but because such is not in the location where success will be achieved. David the shepherd became King David, not because he remained in the house of the Lord day and night praying, but because he approached the Lord asking to be blessed with the requirements for success and moved to the location of the task, firstly in the bush where the Lion and Bear were and the war front where Goliath was – 1Sam. 17:34-36. Of course, he constantly returned to the house of the Lord to renew his strength with the offering of Thanks and regular display of gratitude to the Almighty God but he quickly departed to the location of challenge to use what he had acquired by being in the presence of the Almighty God. It is simply impossible to be praying in Church every minute of every day of the week desiring success and expect to be successful in such desires. Step out into the divinely directed sector of human endeavour and use your ability that was acquired while spending time in his presence to achieve your desired success. Anything else will be a waste of time as the scripture sees such a person as an idle person who does not deserve to eat – 2Thess. 3:6-18. God can never bless an idle person and such a person cannot avoid being regarded as a value-less beggar. Begin your journey to success in life by quickly getting direction from the Lord and setting out to the location of the task, fully empowered and positioned to accomplish such tasks. That remains the only way that the Christian can be regarded as the proverbial salt of the earth that Jesus Christ referred to or achieve the “good success” that the Almighty God revealed to Joshua. May you be successful this year and beyond in Jesus name. Amen.


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