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For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. – Isa. 9:6 NIV

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The evidence of the intention of the Almighty God for man to live in peace and comfort is his pronouncements after his creation on the sixth day. Man was not only to live in peace and comfort but also to increase, multiply, replenish the earth, dominate it, etc., (Gen. 1:26-30) but the act of disobedience made man lose this blessing, with the Lord sending him out of the garden of peace into a world of turbulence and serious discomfort in addition to placing a curse and a ban that only brought more distress, discomfort, suffering and lack into the life of man – Gen. 3:17-31.


However the loving nature of the Lord would not allow him forget man forever as he made efforts to bring man back into his original plan for him, which is to live a life of peace and comfort. In order to achieve this, He released a series of ordinances to help restore man. It was not just going to be a case of decreeing restoration but a case of restitution by substitution. The entire biblical book of Leviticus listed the various acts as dictated to Moses by the Almighty God, aimed at returning man to his Garden of Eden state.   It was going to be a case of using one thing of value to substitute for a lost thing of equal value, so as to have the lost thing back with the valuation being decided by God before the substitution can be accepted. Unfortunately, the more the people attempted to meet up with these sacrifices, the farther away from the Lord, they continued to be, thus defeating the intention of God to bring man back to Himself. This is mainly because the devil seemed to have capitalized on the initial action of God to penalise man by sending him out of the garden of Eden, as that provided opportunity for him to manipulate and continue to steer man away from the Lord. The situation had gone beyond the intention of man to want to return to the Lord and progressed to being a bondage that the devil had now put man into, using all kinds of deception. Yes it is true that God punished man but his intention was not to leave man far away from Himself for ever – Ez. 18:23; 33:11. Man, away from the Lord was now running a life of pain and distress and lacking the ability to separate from sin as the devil, with his spiritual ability found it very easy to manipulate man. If man was to return to the Almighty God like God and man desire, something more effective had to be done. A sacrifice would still be needed, but this time, it was not just going to aim at wiping away sins committed but empowering all those who believe in the sacrifice and accept its conditions to be spiritually empowered to resist the trickeries and deception of the devil. The Almighty God had pondered over it and had come to a decision. He will need to arrange for the sacrifice himself. To be in God is to be spiritually alive just as to be without Him is being spiritually dead. If the target of the restoration process is life, then it has to be life for life. God needed to provide an unblemished life to clean up the life of sin and although the act would be done once, it must remain relevant in all seasons to all people who believe in the act of the sacrifice – Heb. 10:1-18. This decision of the Lord was what was communicated to the Prophet Isaiah in the scripture that is the foundation of today’s devotion. God had finally decided on the sacrificial animal. He was going to come himself in the form of man, live through the same experiences that man lives through and still be blameless but then

  1. Will be able to feel what man in flesh feels and will then be able to have defeated Satan in his games as he will come out blameless – Heb. 4:15; Eph. 4:8-13.
  2. He will be able to in his clean state shed his blood for the remission of sins. Blood being life will be able to bring dead souls, living or dead back to an acceptable status to the Lord by binding that devil – Col. 2:15; 1Cor. 15:55-57.
  3. He will by his coming be able to avail man with what was missing in Adam which was the spiritual ability to overcome the trickeries of the devil. Mortal man was never going to be able to overcome the devil with natural abilities – Acts 1:5-8.

The conclusion of this mission will be to reconcile man back to God – 2Cor. 5:18. This He will be able to do for all those who accept his government and are willing to submit to his leadership.


With governments of the world, an individual struggles to gain authority and control over a physical space and subsequently lords it over everyone who wishes to reside in that space in a take it or leave it manner. Whereas, the government that this son was going to institute after accomplishing his task, was going to be that of individuals willingly accepting his leadership of the relevant space of their lives which is their soul. The coming together of people who have chosen to run their lives with instructions from his leadership will be able to form a community which will be separate but manifest peace, joy, comfort, righteousness, etc. The governance of their lives by him will restore them to the initial intention of the Lord for man.  This will be achievable because of all that the sacrificial lamb will represent as listed in the scripture today;

  1. Isaiah was able to reveal that this sacrificial land will come as a child, more specifically a son.
  2. Although he will be born like every other person, he will be a gift, not to a family but to us mankind.
  3. Isaiah reveals that he will bear the responsibility of running a government.
  4. Those who subject themselves to his governance will witness enough to describe him as a wonderful counselor, a mighty God, a father for ever and the son of the king of peace.
  5. His kingdom will have no boundaries just as there can be no end to the peace that he brings – Is. 9:7a.
  6. He will reign in the throne of David and over his kingdom, establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness for ever – Is. 9:7b.
  7. It may seem impossible but the zeal of God will accomplish it – Is. 9:7c.


What a great love God has for man as expressed not only in his thoughts but also in his deeds. Accept his gift, which you do not merit but remains a product of his positive desires for you. It is not possible for you or any organization consisting of people like you, who claim to have his gift, to not manifest the signs of his governance. His kingdom when we subject ourselves to it takes us back to garden of Eden instantly. Resolve to accept this divine gift today and the result will be all positive in your life. May God position us all in this His plan for mankind in Jesus name. Amen.

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