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Jesus answered, Are there not twelve hours in the day? If any man walk in the day, he stumbleth not, because he seeth the light of this world. But if a man walk in the night, he stumbleth, because there is no light in him. – Jn. 11:9‭-‬10 KJV‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

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Jesus Christ had just been informed of the sickness of his friend, Lazarus and the need for him to go there and visit him. After tarrying for a few days, he informed his disciples of the need for them to visit Lazarus in Judea. His disciples however reminded him of the recent danger that faced in that area wondering why he has decided to expose himself to this danger. The scripture today is the response of Jesus Christ to that reluctance of the disciples to go to Judea. In the two verses in reference, Jesus Christ noted that;
1. There is a light in the world which will be available only during the day. It is the light from the Sun and anyone who needs to avoid the danger of darkness will need to walk during the day, if he/she plans to rely on this physical light. There is a physical light available at night also but it is not bright enough to allow for anyone to want to rely on it. So just as Jesus said, whoever desires to avoid stumbling while walking and relies on physical light must walk during the day.
2. There is however, another light that can allow one to walk at night. Because such a light can function during the night when the physical light is absent, it implies that it will also be functional during the day. It is a 24/7 light that is available for anyone who has decided to walk without stumbling. Jesus Christ says, such light resides in the person.

Ordinarily, the word “stumble” will mean to either trip, or to momentarily lose balance or almost fall but that was the word used by Jesus Christ in response to a possible physical attack on his person by the Pharisees and the elders, based on very recent experience they just had. When this is related to the use of the word “stumble” by Jesus Christ, it will not mean just the mere act of losing a balance but a possible physical or even spiritual loss of balance or fall resulting from the act of someone or a group of people. No doubt that anyone who desires the stumbling of another cannot be considered a friend and the disciples were not talking about friends either. The people in reference here are proven antagonists and enemies. Jesus despite the danger posed by this people still visited Judea and these same enemies were not able to harm him implying that he walks, not in the light of the world but in the light that is in him.

The scriptures however reveals to us that the light was not just in him, he indeed was the light. The Bible says he was the light of men, he shines in darkness and darkness cannot comprehend it. This action of Christ is a signal to Christians to realise that they have nothing to fear if they have him in their life. To have the light of the world means that there is a limitation to how far they can go with the help of men when it comes to the need for protection from potential and real enemies. The human support will not be always available and will be conditional, for it to be effective. It therefore cannot be reliable as the enemy simply needs to operate at a time when the human support will not be available. That however does not apply to the light that is in a man. It is the light of God and it is available for as long as the bearer remains with and in the Lord. The support is more powerful than any other power as it thrives better in the atmosphere of the attacks of the enemy. Its ability is directly related to the level of attack been experienced and it is never possible for the enemy to overcome it.

The Christian automatically possess this power once he/she has accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. The light immediately comes into such person’s and begins to operate such that the individual remains a victor in all situations. However, there is the need to ensure that the guidance of the light through the Holy Spirit is used at all times to determine the action of such a light bearer else the light may not be available to provide victory.

With this light therefore, the Christian has no need to fear as he/she will always walk in light and not in darkness. It implies that, just like the Israelites in the desert on their way to the Promise land, they will only move when the light moves and stop when it stops. A Christian who leans completely on the guidance of this light can never stumble.

Are you experiencing some signs of stumbling, falling or being a victim of the enemy, then before attacking such enemies, you are better, starting with confirming your position in the light as any other move may worsen your situation. This is because, with that light, you should have nothing to worry about with regards to the challenges of life. Those enemies cannot even comprehend the source of the power of the light so they cannot overcome it. Re-trace your steps back into that light today and your victory over all those situations will be assured. May God help you to acquire and remain in that light in Jesus name. Amen.

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