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Title: Faith And Works_2
Scripture: Jms. 2:14-26

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Faith expression should not be mistaken for living a false life style. One who dresses like a king with the belief that he will soon be a king will be expressing faith but one who dresses and introduces himself as a king when he is yet to be crowned king is no longer expressing faith but is living a false life style as he is trying to usurp the role of a king.

There is a tangibility associated with the proof of faith of one who claims to have faith. This tangibility is the act of the person that indicate the state of belief of the person. It is these steps or acts that James deems as works.
There is hardly a Christian gathering that is completed with the “faith” as a word not mentioned. Either in the course of explaining what the foundation of Christianity is or explaining why there is a delay in a response to a prayer request, faith is regularly mentioned with, adherents constantly encouraged to exercise it. The Bible is very clear on the need for the Christian to exercise faith in order to have a fruitful and rewarding Christian life. It is not enough to have faith. It has to be exercised for it to have any meaning. Not just faith about the events in this world but also about faith with regards to events in the life after life.

Christians themselves are quick to respond in the positive whenever the question; “do you have faith?”, is asked. Yes! I have faith, is the response most times but all the available evidence is in most cases pointing to the contrary. The faith of the Christian may not be visible but the act of faith must be visible for all to see. Faith that is not proven with available evidence may not be faith as faith must be a tool of encouragement to others. People must be able to reference it at all times.

The expression of faith in a Christian is the manifestation of the light associated with the faith. The evidence of being a light bearer is its ability to shine in darkness. The level of faith is expressed in the intensity of the shining and how much it is able to overcome darkness. Darkness in this case is not the type that happens when the sun disappears and the earth is without any form of illumination or is being lit by the moon. It is those times when all things seem to be wrong as nothing is going right. When all expectations are gone and helpers or supports are absent.

A professed Christian at such times is expected to pray to the Almighty God in the name of Jesus Christ and have faith faith that whatever is asked for at those times and according to the Will of God will be granted. One who cannot demonstrate this and would rather see or acknowledge the strength of darkness will not be proving that he/she has faith in God.

Faith must come with evidence which in this instance will mean the instant disappearance of that darkness and all its effects at the appearance of the light bearing Christian, else there is no faith being expressed.

The Bible says, without faith, the Christian cannot even please God because those who come to God must firstly prove that they believe that who they cannot see exists and He rewards those who diligently seek Him – Heb. 11:6. Faith must be demonstrated to have meaning. To demonstrate something is to make it visible for those who care to see. Let your light (faith) so shine (visible) before men that they may see your good works and glorified your father.

Christian leaders and groups must encourage the growth of faith amongst its members. Although the Bible says faith is a gift, Christians must be thought to earnestly desire it as it remains a core requirement for a productive Christian life.

A faith that does not manifest any work is no faith. Aim to demonstrate your faith so it can make you whole. May God grow His faith in us all in Jesus name. Amen.

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