Declare His Glory

I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord . – Ps. 118:17 KJV

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The Almighty God in seeking for a replacement for King Saul had chosen David describing him as a man after His heart – 1Sam. 13:14. David confirmed this when he eventually became king as this attribute became the major tool for maintaining a good relationship with the Almighty God.

Seemingly like he (King David) is always involved with in one misdemeanour or the other with regards to the laws of God, and God Himself does not hesitate to apply appropriate punishments most of which will involve being handed over to the enemies. The Psalm for today is one of those psalms of His, written during one of those times. David in such times instead of blaming God or sulking has formed the habit of praising God and in this instance, he started out by thanking the Lord for a victory he is yet to get (Ps. 118: 6-7; 10-13) but which he is sure he will get adding that he will always choose to trust in the Lord than men – Ps. 118: 8-9. He let the enemy realise that all he was experiencing was the punishment of God (Ps. 118: 18) and that all the enemy was able to do was because God allowed it. He let the enemy realise that no matter how much the enemy may be enabled by God, that same God will never allow the enemy to take his life. In today’s scripture he confidently states that because he enjoys support of the exalted and valiant right hand of the Lord (Ps. 118:16), he will not die so as to be able to continue declaring the works of God. The Almighty God who Himself dwells within the praise of His people (Ps. 22:3) does not disappoint either as He shows up at all those occasions to deliver David and this situation was not an exception.

David’s confidence for saying all these is because he knows that all day long, all his actions, words, thoughts, etc., is always aimed at glorifying God and as stated in today’s scripture, he does not intend to change. David’s declaration of the glory of God is very sincere and genuine and did not have any limits. He will do whatever needs to be done to glorify God under any circumstance – 2Sam. 6:14-22.

You have also asked that God should save you from that enemy that intends to snuff life out of you and your reliance is on this scripture but it is important for you to ask yourself what will be God’s gain in stopping the enemy from snuffing life out of you? How is your being alive, physically or spiritually, of any benefit to the Lord?

Christians need to realise that the reason why God created man is for his glory and the entire life of man must be lived to the glory of God. It is not about what you promise when you are faced with challenges but the life you are living now when the evil time has not come – Eccl. 12:1. God vowed for David’s actions and about how much those actions were always aimed at touching His heart. What will your report look like today if your conduct is to be assessed by God? Why should God save you from that life threatening situation that you are calling on Him for? Do you think he should not get anything from your life that He has invested a lot in, in terms of creation, protection, provision, etc.? Should everything be about you asking but not giving anything back to Him?

All God is asking of you like all other creatures is to allow your life project Him always as a good God. To let Satan be shamed that God did not make a mistake in placing you that high in creation – Ps. 8:4-8. Resolve today to live a life that will always glorify Him. Then He will answer you before you even call and ensure that the enemy will not overcome you or kill you physically or spiritually.

If however, you are already in battle and have been asking for His intervention but He is yet to respond. You are better off doing a quick self assessment and ask if the life you have lived before Him will be seen as declaring His glory or remains a source of pride to Satan. If you consider it not good enough to have been declaring the glory of God, your start point in getting His intervention may be for you to plead for forgiveness and vow to live a life that will glorify Him if He saves you from that situation. There will be no need for Him to save you from that situation if all you do brings only shame and disgrace to His name. Resolve today to start anew in the life that you live. Plead with Him to open for you the gates of righteousness and be willing to go through it – Ps. 118: 19-20. Promise Him that your life will henceforth be such that will be dedicated to His praise. Let Him know that your life going forward will continuously declare His glory just as all the other creations do (Ps. 19:1-7) and as David also was confirmed by God to do. That is when you can rely on that scripture telling the enemy that you will not die but live.

May He help us to live a life that will always declare His glory in Jesus name. Amen.


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