Prepare For Your Miracle_2

Prepare For Your Miracle_2

The article below is a continuation from the edition of the Torch Newsletter edition of 9th August 2020. The first part can also be downloaded from our site with the address:

Although the sequence of events are not the same, each miracle had specific roles for the three groups earlier mentioned which are; the beneficiary of the miracle, the people around the beneficiary of the miracle and the miracle worker. On both occasions, that is the miraculous catch of fish by Peter and crew and the miraculous raising from the dead of Lazarus, the miracle worker was usually ready to do his part. This is an information that the Christian today needs to digest fully. The Almighty God through Jesus Christ is always ready to do for us that which we see as impossible, as with him all things are possible. He is never tired of doing for us, all those things that seem bigger than our capability, if anything, His strength is better demonstrated in our weakness – 2Cor. 12:9. So a delay in our miracle cannot be due to Him once the time for it has come. Most miracles are time-bound and the Almighty God is always aware of this ultimatum, and so intervenes in a manner that we are never put to shame or ever disappointed.

This leaves just the beneficiary of the act of miracle and the people around such a person, in terms of preparing for the miracle. Most times, the potential beneficiary of a miracle is limited in some way or the other, which will necessitate the having to rely on people around to play some critical roles during the miracle evolution process. The decision of such people at this stage will play an important part in the miracle evolution process, as they may decide not to co-operate, and thus stalling the whole process or negatively affect the manifestation of the miracle in some way or the other. They may equally give full support which will further encourage the full manifestation of the miracle. Imagine if the colleagues of Peter out of jealousy or other negative reasons, refused to co-operate with him in ferrying the caught fish to the shore. They will probably lose all that blessings and that will be, if they do not lose their lives also, as even with the support, the Bible notes that the boat was already sinking. Same is the case with Lazarus, where the people could have refused to roll away the stone, an act that Jesus is unlikely to have done, or decline to help him remove the clothes with which he was buried. Were they to be people who really did not wish him well, they could have refused to play those roles at those critical times, giving all kinds of excuses, which although may not be tenable, but they will still hold on to. Everyone who is expecting a miracle must avoid negative and toxic people around because at the point of the miracle, when someone aside from the miracle will be required to play some role or the other, they will look for a loose reason not to play that role and the opportunity of that miracle may be lost. In preparing for that miracle, ensure that you surround yourself as much as possible with positive minded people. May God help you to identify such people, and help you to keep them around in your preparation for that critical moment. Amen

The beneficiary of the miracle also needs to be very careful about the decision to take at those critical moments. The truth remains that the first casualty of a situation that requires a miracle is the faith of the potential beneficiary. Most times it is already seriously affected, and the need to brace up at that critical moment becomes very important, as that may just be the reason why the miracle will not happen. Peter had failed all through the night to make any catch, and the person that was telling him to try again is not even known to be experienced in the art of fishing. All the factors were in place for him to reject such an advise, but his spiritual consciousness made him take that critical decision. According to that scripture, Peter said he would carry out that instruction, “at his word”. Same was the case with the sister of Lazarus, Martha, who protested initially that the odour from the dead body will be much since he had been dead for four days, but yet again yielded to his admonition that, “if she believes, she will see the glory of God”. Potential beneficiaries of divine miracles must pray to have the right faith, at the right location and at the right time else, the opportunity of the miracle may be lost.

In waiting for that miracle, get your assurance from Him, that it is His Will to grant you that Grace and ensure that you have the right people around you to support during the evolution process. Doubters, mockers, antagonists and similar people will always stall the process of your miracle. Avoid them like plague whilst waiting for that miracle and of course, help yourself to avoid falling into unbelief that is likely to result from the long delay in the realisation of that goal and the fear that the thought of the implication of not achieving it may have presented over time. You need to keep encouraging yourself in His word, that whatever He says He will do, that He will surely do. May your miracle come very soon in Jesus name. Amen.

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