Avoid Rejection

…And the Lord said unto Samuel, How long wilt thou mourn for Saul, seeing I have rejected him from reigning over Israel?… – 1 Sam. 16:1 KJV

Avoid Rejection. 14082020

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King Saul had just disobeyed the Almighty for the second time by sparing King Agag and some animals, against God’s instructions that he destroy everything – 1Sam. 15:1-end. He had previously been disobedient when he took to offer the sacrifice that only the Priests were allowed to offer – 1Sam. 13:1-14. That had earned him some level of punishment but probably because it was a delayed punishment, as it was that his dynasty will not continue, it did not matter much to him hence he continued in his disobedience to the Almighty God.

This time however, the punishment was starting from him. He was rejected by God as King. Samuel on being aware of that decision by God decided to plead on behalf of Saul all through that night but got no response from the Lord – 1Sam. 15:11. He apparently still continued to plead on behalf of Saul even after delivering God’s message to Saul, probably expecting a change of heart which never happened as God responded with the scripture today – Num. 23:19.

That response
1. Earned Samuel chiding from the Lord who asked him how long he wanted to remain in prayer on an issue that was already decided and concluded by Him.
2. Further emphasised God’s decision to reject Saul.

These two points provide significant information that could be of importance to the Christian today.
1. The prayer of the Christian will not change God’s mind on issues that border on disrespect for person. Christians need to get it clear at all times that they will never get away with disrespect for the person of the Almighty God. Sins of disrespect for God are those sins against the Holy Spirit that Jesus Christ says will not be forgiven in this world and the world to come – Matt. 12:30-32. They are basically direct disobedience to his instructions as stated in the Bible or those he issues through the Holy Spirit. Trying to pray your way out of the penalty for disobedience will be a complete waste of time because he will never rubbish Himself because of your ego. If what you are going through is a result of refusal of His direct instructions, then your only option is to ask for mitigation as He will surely punish you for it. You are better off avoiding the act of disobeying His instructions rather than believing that all those prayers and fasting will give you an edge in terms of reputation over him. Wake up and smell the coffee because it will never happen. He is the “I am that I am”. He is the God from beginning to the end.
2. The second information from the scripture today for the Christian is that the Almighty God rejects people. To reject someone is to dismiss someone as inadequate, unacceptable or faulty. Whereas, God rejected Saul for disobedience, he rejected the seven sons of Jesse because they did not meet with expectation of his own choice of King. He told Samuel that He, God had made His own choice of a king – 1Sam. 16:1b. It was God that rejected Saul as king but to men, he was still king. To man, he was the chosen one but to the Almighty God, he was the rejected one. I pray that your disobedience will not lead to your rejection. Amen. A rejected person by the Lord is doomed. From the moment of that pronouncement, the individual is on a downward slope until he/she ends in perdition. Once again, I pray that you will not be rejected. Amen

Avoid disobedience, avoid rejection so as to save yourself from the humiliation, shame and disgrace that ensues. God will never allow His glory to be rubbished and there is no way you will win that ego battle with him. May God grant us all the Spirit of obedience in Jesus name. Amen.

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