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If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? – Psa. 11:3 KJV

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Psalm 11 is one of those psalms of David that tends to reveal his personal thoughts. It seems to reveal some level of frustration with a situation that he is either going through of has failed in with an impression that there is a not too good consequence for this result. The psalm opens with his refusal to take flight against his Will for this reason of failure as he emphasises the fact of his trust in the Lord and so will not allow any failure to bring him down.

He, instead defends himself with today’s scripture asking what a righteous person can do if there is a foundational error with the challenge.

Most Christians today are busy beating themselves very hard and getting frustrated trying to achieve success with a situation that has a very bad foundation, expecting to get a positive result. They spend valuable time in prayer trying to change something that seems to be rooted firmly and which can only be influenced by working to correct a foundational error. Ranging from a business that is refusing to grow to a relationship that is not working, several aspects of life can have such foundational errors that need to be addressed for a solution to that challenge to be obtained.

Herein lies the obstacle as foundational problems, like all foundations are
1. Usually deep and hidden because the memory of most foundational problems have been lost in time and hardly remembered. Where it is remembered, it is hardly associated with the current challenge especially to the spiritually naive person. Whoever is attempting an intervention in such a situation will need to possess the spiritual ability to go back into the past, sometimes as far back as to events that happened even before the conception of the owner of the challenge, a journey which only the Holy Spirit can facilitate. Without getting to this root cause, all efforts will continue to be a waste. Seek spiritual insight into that chronic challenge of your life today and you may just find yourself on the right track back to recovery.
2. Require supernatural abilities to interpret. Accessing information about this challenge from the root may not be sufficient enough as one needs maturity linked wisdom to be able to interpret this information in the context of the challenge. Herein again lies a major challenge of the present times. Most Christians today have created more problems than solution because of information, which may be right but has been badly managed due to immaturity and lack of wisdom. Proper management of a good information is very critical in the resolution of any problem and this requires Holy Spirit endowed wisdom. It helps the both the information carrier and/or the information owner to maximise the use of the information in order to resolve the challenge.
3. Require skills and tact to implement. Implementation of this information remains also an area of challenge for both the information carrier and owner. Because of the deep rooted positioning of such issues, lots of skill and tact will be required to avoid destroying what was intended to be repaired. No matter how appropriate the solution being suggested may be, it stands the risk of destabilising the owner of the challenge and thus, there is the need to be careful with it. Emotionally, physically and spiritually, the solution can be very traumatising and the one trying to apply this solution must be very sensitive. It definitely cannot be rushed as lots of patience will be required to access this foundation which is usually deeply located, if bigger problem is to be avoided.

Stop wasting your time trying to bring your spiritual state into resolving that recurring challenge or spreading your frustration to your spiritual leader by making him look ineffective in helping to resolve that challenge of your life. The Psalmist says your righteousness can do nothing in such situations. Do not try to authorise or forbid it as that will be a journey in self deceit and waste of time. Just as you cannot deny it, you cannot run away from it either. Like the Psalmist, resolve to stand in the Lord as your trust in Him to see you through will always be rewarded. Just deal with it head on. You are the owner of that life that has that challenge. You probably know yourself more than any other person will do. You know what you have done and what you have refused to do. Be honest with yourself and perform a deep introspection of your life as much as possible and be sincere enough to implement Spirit provided solution without hesitation. If however, you are unable to travel far back into time on your own, you have a helper in the Holy Spirit. He will bring things of the past into your remembrance, will help you interpret it and will help you implement it in a flawless manner – Jn. 16: 5-16. Either way, that challenge will disappear from your life and peace will flow into your life like river. May it be so in Jesus name. Amen


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