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To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: – Eccl. 3:1 KJV

Learn To Wait 11082020

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Today’s devotion has its foundation text taken from the book generally referred to as the Book of Wisdom because it actually has in it several verses with contents that if well taken will ease most if not all of life’s stress. The writing of the book is generally credited to King Solomon, the king of Israel that God bestowed wisdom on – 1Kgs. 3:1-15. The verse today is not any different as its contents has truths that will bring automatic peace to anyone who meditates on It.

This section the Book of Ecclesiastes, chapter three that is, starts by reminding all who care to listen that there is indeed a time and season for every purpose and events that happen in the world. Although it lists several events to further explain this information (Eccl. 3:2-8), they are by no means exhaustive as the opening statement can be extended to every aspect of man’s activities including the time for that long term desire to be achieved. It implies that although a man may be striving towards a goal, there is a time destined for that desire to be met. It is not only going to be about how early, or how hard, or how well or whatever human contribution but mainly about the time destined for the manifestation of that desire, if at all it is the Will of God for that desire to manifest. It does not negate the effort of man but only lets man see the important role that manifestation time plays in achievements of men. It will therefore be the expectation of the writer sharing this information that men knowing this, will put in all the effort that they can into achieving a desire but should remain conscious that it will only happen in a season outside their control so they should display less anxiety knowing that attempting to have a woman deliver her baby before the nine month period of the pregnancy is an assured way of either marring the expected joy or worse still, killing the joy completely. It is not in anyway an attempt to discourage working hard in expectation but a simple way of saying that timing of the expectation irrespective of the effort made will be wrong.

Man needs to operate with this in mind to reduce the health and social implications that anxiety, associated with supposedly delayed expectations, brings. Supposedly delayed because one who is not aware of the period that a woman should carry a pregnancy or actual age of a pregnancy may wrongly conclude that there is a delay in delivery and begins to get anxious.

The implication of this lack of information about time is that health conditions begin to suffer and in some cases man begins to look for scapegoats to accuse for the delay. The result of both is not positive for all in the end.

Christians in particular after confirming that expectation as the Will of God must learn to wait for its manifestation while doing what they need to do on the human end. God may reveal all he wants to do to anyone but the bible is very clear that matters of time are exclusive knowledge of the Almighty God – Mk. 13:32. In that, He exhibits His superiority over all and there is no indication that, that will ever change so why worry about that promise or aspiration? Jesus Christ himself in advising against worrying says worrying cannot add or subtract any thing from manifestation time of that expectation (Matt. 6:27) but I can effectively let you know that worrying will eat you up more quickly than cancer and get you more enemies than you can ever imagine with most of them, if not all victims of your wrong accusations .

All those enemies that you are attacking in prayers because you believe they are delaying your manifestation may be very innocent of all that you are accusing them of. Imagine how many lives you have derailed because you are in a position, either physically or spiritually to do so, just because you erroneously concluded that they were responsible for your manifestation delay when it was time all the while that was responsible for it. Calm down and wait for it to happen because it will surely happen since God has said so but you may actually destroy that joy when it eventually comes with the number of innocent blood that will have stained your hands.

There is indeed time for everything under the sun and my prayer is that God will help you to develop the patience to wait for the manifestation of your promise which will definitely happen in its due season In Jesus name. Amen.

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