Where Is Your Anointing?

And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing. – Is. 10:27 KJV

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The Israelites in their usual manner had sinned against the Lord by committing several acts ranging from making unrighteous decrees, to withholding judgement from the needy, to taking away the rights of the poor, widows and orphans – Is. 10:1-3. As a result, the Almighty God who wanted to make them see that they were nothing if He withdraws his support from them (Is. 10:3-6) handed them over to the Assyrians who decided to deal with them like conquered people – Is. 10:7-14.

God Himself seeing the arrogance of the Assyrians also and the merciless manner in which they dealt with His people told them to bear the pain for a while promising them of His intervention – Is. 10:16-20. He promised them of good times to replace their current situation – Is. 10:21-27. In the course of telling them how He intends to bring to reality this promise, he made the promise part of which is the scripture for today. The scripture reveals three things that the Almighty plans to do:
1. He will remove the burden of the Assyrians from the shoulder of the Israelites. A burden generally refers to a very heavy load. Traditionally with some cultures, burdens are carried on the shoulder as against some who carry their burdens on their head. It is clear from the scripture that the Hebrews traditionally carry their own burden on their shoulder. This is why God described the pain and the discomfort that the Syrians have become for the Israelites as a burden promising to remove it from their shoulder. This should give the Christian today great hope that God will also remove the burden that that situation has become in their lives in Jesus name. Amen. Handing you over into that situation may be God’s way of rebuking you for your transgression but it will never be forever because He it is that will remove it and your discomfort will turn to comfort in Jesus name. Amen.
2. He will remove the yoke of the Assyrians from the neck of the Israelites. Yokes are usually made to be tied around beasts of burden like cows, colts, horses, camels, etc. It is with this yoke that a cart or truck or any other burden is pulled by the animal with the yoke. The size of the yoke is dependent on the burden to be borne and in most cases, the people that put the yoke on the animal care less about whether the animal can bear the load or not. So most times the animal is groaning under the stress of having to drag a burden that is much bigger than its capability. It is indeed a bigger way to burden the animal and in the scripture for today God identifies that the Assyrians had turned the Israelites into beasts of burden and discomforted them greatly. He thus promised them relief soonest. The challenges of your life may also have turned you into a beast of burden with the burden constituting a great discomfort but today’s scripture should equally encourage you that this same God can and will relieve you of that burden. Amen.
3. He will destroy the removed yoke. This is the most interesting part of this scripture. It indicates God’s commitment to ensuring that the burden is never returned and the individual is never available to be used for that purpose again. The scripture says God will destroy it. What a merciful God will serve. It means that this yoke will no longer exist in your life again and that is most soothing.

All the above, God says will happen by the reason of the anointing. There lies the challenge. Do you carry an anointing and if yes from whom? Although the act of anointing is always physically done with oil, mostly Olive Oil, the spiritual significance is much more than that as it is expected to be a route to access increased spiritual ability. The oil may be poured physically but if that act of pouring oil does not trigger a spiritual activity, then it remains a mere physical activity with no spiritual significance. One whose anointing is from the Lord, even if facilitated by man, will experience a spiritual transformation leading to a great spiritual empowerment sufficient to break any yoke and destroy any burden no matter the size. It is that conferred ability that will break and destroy the yoke and not the mere quoting of the scripture. Do all you can to receive that anointing from the Lord which may or may not be symbolised by the physical act of oil being poured on you and you can be assured of breaking every yoke placed on you by the Assyrians of your life. May God Himself anoint you for victory and greatness in Jesus name. Amen.

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