Let His Presence Bring Joy

Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore. – Ps 16:11 KJV

Let His Presence Bring Joy 06082020

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The scripture for today is the last verse of Psalm 16 with the Psalmist starting that Psalm with a plea to the Lord to help preserve his life as his total trust is in Him. He appreciates the need for protection in this life that we live in. A life that is dominated by negatives through and through. Every second of the day is filled with evil (Eph. 5:16) and danger and is such that everyone is exposed to one form of danger or the other and thus will require some level of protection and preservation. Who else is the reliable protection to call upon in this situation other than the Almighty God.

Although the entire verse further buttresses this request of the Psalmist, the last verse remains the focal point of today’s devotion. In that verse, three points stand out:
1. God shows path of life. If there is a path to life, then there is definitely a path to destruction or death (physical and spiritual). Jesus says the path to life is narrow whilst that to destruction is wide – Matt. 7:13-14. What can be expected of a narrow path?
a. It is likely going to be able to accommodate one person at a time so it is lonely.
b. It is likely not to allow for too much manoeuvring so there are no alternatives.
c. It is likely not going to be comfortable and like all human beings is not desirable.

One however will choose to follow this narrow path because of the expectation of life that that is promised as a reward and which lies at the end or somewhere along that path. That remains the motivation to want to sacrifice all to go through it.

The opposite is the path that leads to destruction. It is indeed wide and allows for all kinds of activities without restrictions. It is a life of no discipline in terms of what can be done and what cannot be done, total freedom with no guiding principles. The Bible says such life will ultimately end in destruction.

The Psalmist says God is the one that can successfully lead one through that narrow path of life and so pleads with Him to lead him through it. You should also be making that a prayer point not because you do not know the way, as we all know that Jesus Christ is the way (Jn. 14:6), but because there are so many trials and temptations along this path that the normal human being will not be able to overcome except with the help and direction of God through the Holy Spirit.

You are probably facing such trial or temptation at this moment which accounts for that situation you have found yourself. Plead with God to lead you and you will be an overcomer in Jesus name. Amen.
2. God’s presence guarantees fullness of joy. God’s presence can be felt in any location and at any time as long as the conditions for His Presence are met. His Presence has to have an effect on an individual for it to bring joy in full. If man fulfils the condition for His Presence in his (man) life, God will definitely make His presence felt in that person but the presence of God in a location like an acceptable place dedicated for His worship is definitely not an assurance that the individual will receive full joy. Whether as a location or as a person, conditions have to be acceptable to Him for joy in full to be received by the individual or persons. You have no reason to still feel emotionally burdened or worse still feel sad in an environment that is supposed to have His Presence. It is either the environment has fallen short of the conditions for His Presence or the individual on a personal note has not met the requirements. Whatever the case may be, such a person cannot derive joy in full by doing or getting involved in physical acts of worship. If you are not deriving full joy in worship, then you need to re-examine your spiritual life and/or your spiritual environment because His Presence brings full joy.
3. The Right hand of God carries everlasting pleasures. The phrase “Right Hand” does not necessarily mean hand literally. It is more of being in the right side of God that is to be right with God. All those who are doing positive things are generally referred to as doing right just as all those who are living in the prescribed ways of the Lord are referred to as living right with God. The Psalmist implies that living right with God will make one enjoy the pleasures associated with those who live right with Him because in those laws are perfection – Ps. 19:7-11. That scripture in verse 11 says in keeping God’s laws, there is great reward. To be on the right hand of God is to be living a righteous life.
The Psalmist is of no doubt that God’s protection is assured for someone who can observe God’s laws diligently and allow them to provide direction in every situation, do all possible to remain in His Presence and live right with Him at all times. May God help us to attain these goals so that his protection over us will be assured in Jesus name. Amen.

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