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…I will arise and go to my father, and will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee…, – Lk. 15:18 KJV

Come Back Home Today 05082020

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Jesus Christ had just reacted to the comments of the Pharisees and the Tax collectors on his associating with sinners. They wondered why he would be claiming holiness when he is always associating with sinners – Lk. 15:1-2. In his reaction, he made them realise how much joy was in heaven for every sinner that repented just as anyone will be happy to recover a lost precious possession – Lk. 15:3-10. With that comment, he re-emphasises the love of God for the sinner even when he is still lost in sin. It was to further buttress this point that he gave the parable of the Prodigal Son.

In that popular parable, a son had approached the father demanding for his share of inheritance and the father obliged him only for him to go far away to another country where he squandered his inheritance. Unfortunately for him famine developed in that country and things became very bad for him to the extent that he had to go and earn money feeding pigs in order to survive. That decision did not still help to improve his living standard and after a careful thought process, he took the decision which is the foundation scripture for today’s devotion.

This fruit of knowledge of good and evil eaten by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden must really be giving man a false feeling of importance and false belief that he is the epitome of wisdom. Man since, and at every point want to show that he can do things without God and always wanting to declare unnecessary independence. Meanwhile, the foundation of this independence still remains God as whatever possession that gives this feeling of “I do not need God” is still from this same God. Like the prodigal son whose basis for declaring independence is the allocation of an inheritance (something he did not work for), everything that brings this display of arrogance by man towards God was and still is, sourced from God who retains at all times the ability to give, not to give or take back but still gave in His mercies. Our arrogance and search for independence takes us out of him and we immediately lose the ability to bring forth good fruit – Jn. 15:5-8.

The prodigal son declared independence and soon realised that success is not about what you have but about the Grace that provided what you have and allows what you have to multiply – 1Cor. 3:6. The writer of the book of Ecclesiastes says success in life is not about human ability but about time and chance – Eccl. 9:11.

Could that your situation be similar to what we have seen with the prodigal son? You probably also declared independence from Him, maybe unconsciously. How much of that final decision that led to this unacceptable condition you find yourself in today got his nod? The truth is that it 99.9% will not be sufficient to say you have not declared independence. It has to be 100% and nothing less for you to remain in Him. In that condition that you are today which is likely similar to that of the Prodigal son:
1. All resources are exhausted.
2. Efforts to work out a personal solution to save face have further plunged you into more discomfort and failure.
3. Humiliation at a level never anticipated has set in as you now have to associate with people of low morality (pigs).
4. You were even willing to drop your standard as low as possible but even at that low social level, you are still not being accepted.

Do not think too far. It may not be those enemies you are pointing accusing fingers at or those witches and wizards who in this case may be innocent. It could just be that your decision to declare independence.

Your solution is not too far as it is right before you. Just like the prodigal son, swallow that pride and rise up from that spiritual filth you call life that you are living in. Just rise up from that stubbornness and arrogance that is threatening your existence. Fight that internal enemy called pride and make a U-turn back to the father.

The prodigal son said:
1. I will rise
2. I will go to my father.
3. I will acknowledge and accept that by my actions I have sinned not only against God but also the entire heavens – Lk. 15:18.
4. I am not worthy to be called a son again.
5. Make me a servant.

Like the case of the Prodigal son, if those prayer points are made with a sincere heart, then be assured that all those prayer points will be answered except prayer points 4 and 5. This is because included in that package of forgiveness that He will give to you is restoration. He will do more than the prodigal son got from his father by restoring you to your initial position. He will restore all that you have lost and this has nothing to do with another person’s inheritance as he owns the heavens, the earth and all that is within it – Ps. 24:1; Ps. 50:10.

Come back home today and you will be restored and the lost peace will return into your life in Jesus name. Amen.

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