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There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. – Prov. 14:12 KJV

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The writer of this section of the biblical book of Proverbs must be operating from the point of experience or deep spiritual inspiration. This is not with regards to a seemingly right way but the confidence of how such seemingly right way will end. He is in no doubt that it will end in destruction.

So does this mean that all seemingly right ways will end in destruction? Definitely not! The ones that will end in destruction according to the writer of this scripture is the one that is seemingly right to a man. He by this, suggests that an individual with this option of a seemingly right way, cannot on that basis alone, decide to take that way, in any decision making process. There is another level that should confirm that way, before such decision to follow that way can be implemented.

The problem of man has its roots in that act that happened in the Garden of Eden. The eating of the forbidden fruit although is supposed to help man know the difference between good and evil, wrongly gave man the impression that it can now operate independent of the Almighty God. He (man) is now as wise as God in determining what is good and what is bad. This false feeling of possessing wisdom makes man take very crucial decisions without reverting to God for guidance.

The ability to separate good and evil presupposes that man is aware of all the factors that need to be known for a perfect decision to be made. Therein lies the challenge of man as eating the fruit in the Garden did not confer the ability to know all things in operation around an individual. The writer of that scripture did not say “there is a way that a man knows to be right” but used the word “seemed”. It is associated with seeing and there is no argument in the fact that man’s vision is very limited. Thus, an individual can only decide on what He can see whereas there so many other things that are not seen by man but are seen by God that will be necessary in deciding the aptness of the choice made in determining the right way.

In the absence of this clear vision, an individual will likely take wrong decisions because they are based on the limited information available to him or her and the consequence of such a wrong decision is better left to be imagined.

No matter how intelligent you may be, realise and accept that you are only seeing a part of the picture you need to see in order to take a good decision as any thing other than that will lead to regret and possibly destruction.

Your present situation may be the result of that unconscious belief that you are wise enough to take the decision that will guide your life. You will only be able to come out of it if you accept that you are not sufficiently informed to take all those decisions which today have left your life in tatters. Go back to God in humility and submit all those rights of yours to him. Let him confirm all your plans and actions and then you will have no experience of regrets. May God help you as you do so in Jesus name. Amen.

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