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…As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith. – Gal. 6:10 KJV

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The Apostle Paul was doing the usual, which is to give advice to the different churches that he had the Grace to pass through in the course of his missionary journeys. It was the turn of the Church in Galatia and this particular piece of advice starts from verse 9 of Chapter 6 of his letter. He, in that advice encouraged those who were doing good not to be weary as there is reward waiting for them in due season if they do not relent – Gal. 6:9. He concludes this piece of advice by
1. Describing the position of doing good as an opportunity.
2. That there should be no discrimination with regards to the beneficiaries of our good deeds with particular reference to fellow Christians.

It is no longer news to hear people talk about getting their fingers burnt whilst trying to do good and one begins to wonder why doing something that is described as good should produce regret in any form. In order to clear this puzzle, there is the need to have a good understanding of what “good” is. In the context of the above scripture, the word “good” has been used as a noun and this will be translated as doing something that is morally right or righteous or doing something that is of benefit or advantage to another. In a world that have black and white co-existing, it should be expected that just as someone is a beneficiary of a righteous act, there will be someone who becomes short changed by that act. Similarly something of benefit to someone will be a huge disadvantage to another.

The act of righteousness being a spiritual act, it should be immediately clear that whoever decides to do good in that direction should expect resistance from Satan who is championing the opposite of good acts, which is evil. A righteous act is an affront and threat to the kingdom of Satan and it should not be expected that Satan will just fold its arm and watch its kingdom being threatened by such good acts.

Also “good” looked at from the angle of doing something of benefit or advantage to someone should be expected to have resistance from either Satan directly or from agents of Satan who feel hurt that the person concerned is experiencing some relief. The healing of the blind man and the reaction of the Pharisees and elders is a case in reference – Jn. 9:1-34.

Most challenges in the life of those that benefit from the act of goodness are there because of some activities of some negative minded people or still an extension of the activities of Satan. Both ways, for everyone who is a beneficiary of goodness, there is a supposed victim or loser of that goodness who should not be expected to just give up on that victim that is about to be released. It should therefore be clear to the person that wants to do good to take the advice of Paul that Christians should not be unaware of the devices of the devil – 2Cor. 2:11. Every good deed is a challenge to the devil and if there is any thing to regret in that act, the beneficiary of the act of goodness is definitely not responsible for it. It is the spirit holding down that soul that is responsible.

Doing good is like going into the house of a powerful person to loosen a bound person – Matt. 12:29. Jesus Christ said that such a person wanting to do that must be sufficiently powerful to restrict the power that keeps the person in bondage before such a person can be freed. Doing good is similar, as the consideration should not be only for the beneficiary of the goodness but there must be the additional ability to identify the power behind the situation and the self assurance that the person wanting to do the good can restrict such power. Else, the act of goodness will always be followed by regrets, which is the consequence of the fight back by the power holding the beneficiary down in the first place.

The solution to this negative backlash of doing good is however not to run away from doing good. Paul describes doing good as an opportunity that should not be lost. So one asks the question, why opportunity?

Paul says it is because it provides the chance to earn a reward from the Lord in due season. Every act of goodness is a form of deliverance and successfully carrying out this act is an indication of victory over Satan directly or indirectly, something that will never happen if the Almighty God has not endued the person with spiritual ability. This in itself comes only through the receiving of the Holy Spirit – Acts 1:8. One of the abilities that Isaiah says the Spirit of God conferred on him was that of setting captives free – Is. 61:1.

Doing good is an opportunity provided by the Lord as no one can successfully do any good if God has not allowed it. So if there is indeed a regret after doing good, the first question to ask will be, did God authorise that act of goodness? If God did not authorise it, then there is the likelihood for regret. It is therefore important that God’s assistance and direction be sought before embarking on an act of goodness to avoid regrets. Even with God’s permission there will be difficulties associated with such an act which will be a reflection of the resistance by the occupying spirit but there is total assurance of victory because the person will be operating in the power of the Most High God. God will definitely reward all those He uses as He is not a use and dump god. So for as much as God has given you the opportunity to do good, please do not hesitate as there is definitely a reward coming, the nature of which no one knows. May God place us all in a position to do good in Jesus name. Amen.

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