Get Drunk With The Holy Spirit

Some, however, made fun of them and said, “They have had too much wine.” – Acts 2:13 NIV

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Jesus Christ had just ascended into heaven leaving the disciples with the instructions not to leave Jerusalem until they receive the Holy Spirit which will be sent to them by the father – Acts 1:4. Probably with fear of the Pharisees in them, they asked him if his resurrection will be followed by the restoration of Israel or how else were they going to be free from the oppression of the Roman government and the Pharisees who are exploiting them as representatives of their oppressors – Acts 1:6.

In answering them, he told them that issues around events and time of their manifestation are beyond the knowledge of man as it is an exclusive of God but after his departure, God will send them the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:4-5, 8) which will make them powerful sufficiently to overcome whatever threats may be facing to their lives. It is then that they will be able to do what they were commissioned to do which is
1. To preach the gospel not only in Jerusalem but also in Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth Acts 1:8; Mk. 16:15.
2. Baptise all those who accept their messages so they can equally receive the Holy Spirit and be saved – Acts 2:38-39; Mk. 16:16.

In view of this, they decided to gather together in a place definitely awaiting this promise which was fulfilled on a day which has since then been called the Pentecost Day – Acts 2:1. In a form that looked like tongues of fire, the Holy Spirit descended on each one of them and the bible records that they
1. Received new enablement to be able to communicate with more people – Acts 2:4-12.
2. They developed the courage to communicate without fear as they were filled with confidence in declaring the wonders of God.

This new enablement found in the disciples got people wondering whilst some concluded that the disciples were drunk on wine which is the foundation text of today’s devotion.

Although Peter defended their action by informing the crowd that had gathered that they were not drunk with wine, he seems to be right only to the extent that the disciples even if they drink could not have been that irresponsible to have been drunk as early as 9am. However, there is no denying the fact that they were drunk of the Holy Spirit. Just like wine brings boldness and excitement and removes any psychological restrictions, the Holy Spirit was doing this and more but achieving positive and more longer lasting abilities than wine will ever do.

As Christians we can hardly achieve our divine mission without the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit, the disciples remained locked up in fear in one location with no new souls added to their number or could be attributed to them but within a 24hr period of being drunk in the Holy Spirit, they had increased in number by about three thousand – Acts 2:41. Not just church goers but those who are saved – Acts 2:47.

The expectation of Jesus Christ is that Christians will go out and win more saved souls over to God from the devil but that is not the case today. The number of churches is definitely on the increase just as the number of church goers is also on the increase but there is doubt if the actual number of saved souls is increasing. That last figure will only increase if Christians get drunk in the Holy Spirit. Then they will become bold and speak the Word without fear – Acts 4:11-30. More so most people will not believe if they do not see or experience miraculous events either directly or in the life of people around them and this is a fact confirmed by Jesus Christ (Jn. 4:48) and such lasting miracles will only come through the Holy Spirit – Acts 3:1-10.

We have a duty to take over the world from the devil and return it to our God and that we can do only if we are drunk in the Holy Spirit. In that state, we are no longer in control of ourselves but under the influence of the Holy Spirit. All carnal activities will be things of the past and our environment will reek mainly of the fragrance of the actions of the Holy Spirit. So what are you waiting for, begin to pray that God should fill you up with the Holy Spirit until you are drunk and it will be so in Jesus name. Amen.

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