It’s Wickedness It’s Adultery (2)

A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed. – Matt. 16:4 KJV

It’s Wickedness It’s Adultery (2) 23072020

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Today we continue with yesterday’s scripture where we saw how Jesus condemned the hypocritical nature of the Pharisees and the Sadducees who had come to him pretending to want to know about God. In that devotion, Jesus Christ related hypocrisy as wickedness as it exposes other Christians to acts of a wolf who is their midst as a sheep – Matt. 7:15. The devotion continues today looking at the second comparison of the hypocritical Christian by Jesus Christ which is that such a Christian is an adulterer by using the word adulterous.

Adulterous. Most Christians are aware of the meaning of the word “adultery” as it relates to the relationship between men but like everything else that will help improve the relationship between man and God, the devil over time has practically obliterated the spiritual relevance of adultery as it relates to the Almighty God.

The meaning of adultery as it relates to human relationships is the sexual relationship between a married person and another to whom the person is not married to. Jesus expanded the definition further to include looking and lusting after another person to whom one is not married to – Matt. 5:28. By this definition of Jesus Christ, the sexual act will not have to be performed before the sin of adultery would have been committed. Adultery will always be an evil act that will remain condemned at all times and will remain that way eternally.

There is however a more dangerous practice of adultery that is associated with hypocrisy. It is the practice of adultery by worshipping other gods by the Christian. It becomes hypocritical because the so called Christian tries to hide this aspect of his/her life and still projects the impression that he/she worships only the Almighty God. This the Christian does while he/she still intends to maintain his/her relationship with the Almighty God and His Christ.

In deciding to accept and worship Him only as the Almighty God and accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, we did agree to remain exclusively available to both of them and no other. We got our souls betrothed to him with the oath made with blood of Jesus Christ promising to worship only Him and no other till he returns – 2Cor. 11:2. We emphasised this oath during our baptism where we became one with him in body and spirit while pledging our soul to Him only and no other – Rom. 6:4; Col. 2:12. All these agreements and pledges are betrayed by the hypocritical Christian once he/she begins to get committed to another god in whatever form (spiritual, human, material, idol, etc.) or begin to operate in conditions outside those agreed upon at the commencement of the relationship with the Almighty God where the engagement to the Bridegroom occurred and who is being expected to come back and finalise the marriage after finding such a bride faithful – Is. 54:5; Rev. 19:7-9; Rev. 21:2. Such a Christian should not expect to be wedded by the groom when he returns due to acts of betrayal already committed as the marriage will be called off no matter how long the engagement may have been for – Matt. 5:32. Engagement period here means the length of time that such a person may claim to have been born again.

Although family and friends are not aware of this adulterous act of the person, the groom is aware and will provide all evidences on that last day. All those hidden acts will be revealed and appropriate rewards will be given to such an adulterous Christian which is rejection or better put divorce. All the Christian needs to do is to place his/her relationship with the Almighty God and His Christ in every bible scripture that talks about adultery to know what that reward will be like for acts of hypocrisy and deceit. You cannot abandon the God that was there for you in those youthful days when you could not do anything on your own, to go and associate with another god in another spiritual relationship and expect that there will be no consequences – Mal. 2:11-16.

Dire consequences exists for the hypocritical Christian as stated by Jesus Christ. He said such adulterous personality will actually receive signs since what they hypocritically want is sign that the Almighty God exists before they agree to be loyal to Him. It will be the sign that Jonah got while in the fish.

Many Christians are receiving that sign today and blaming everyone but themselves for living a life of someone inside a fish. How can the life inside a fish be ever comfortable? Do not look elsewhere to get your self out of that fish environment. Make a decision to remain faithful to Him whom you pledged your life to as any other decision or action will be wicked and adulterous with very negative consequences. May God grant you the strength to retain a loyal relationship with Him in Jesus name. Amen.

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