Small Things Matter

And his servants came near, and spake unto him, and said, My father, if the prophet had bid thee do some great thing, wouldest thou not have done it? how much rather then, when he saith to thee, Wash, and be clean? – 2Kgs 5:13 KJV

Small Things Matter 16072020

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Naaman was a captain of the host of Syria who was inflicted with a skin condition that seems to have defied all types of treatments. One of the maids who was brought back as a captive during one of their successful battles suggested to his wife that a known prophet back in Israel was capable of healing him. He accepted to give this suggestion a trial and eventually found his way to Prophet Elisha who instead of coming out to attend to him decided to only send a message to him to go and take a bath in the river. This angered Naaman who decided to ignore that instruction wondering why Elisha should show him such level of disrespect. He wondered why he could not have told him to use any of the big rivers back home only for him to be told to take a bath in a river that was not as big as any of those he left back home. As far as he is concerned it is about the physical attributes of rivers. The scripture today is the advise that he was given by one of his servants. He had advised him not to disregard the instruction given by Prophet Elisha as he is sure their would have been more willingness to carry out the instruction on his part if he had been told to do a more complex activity. He eventually yielded to the advise and did not regret it because he was instantly healed of the skin problem he had lived with for some time.

So why did he reject the instruction of Prophet Elisha in the first place? The scripture in 2Kgs. 5:11 reveals his reason. He had expected a set pattern to be followed and that included his expectation that Prophet Elisha would come out to meet him, openly call on his God and then lay his hand on him to be healed. Here is a military man drawing out a process that he expects to be followed by a prophet of God for him to be healed. One wonders why he did not just carry out the process himself since he seems to be sure about how the healing process should go. All thanks to his servant, he did not miss his opportunity for a miracle.

Today, many people are not that lucky as they remain in their situation because they ignored instructions that did not seem to make sense to them. Like Naaman, they are so engulfed in their personality and their environment that they are not able to drop their arrogance and realise that they can neither know everything by virtue of their position in the society nor can everyone they need in life be lower than them status wise.

They see everyone especially those who are lower than them in terms of societal rating as inferior to them and see it as demeaning of their personality if they have to defer to such people on their way to success. Of course there is no other definition for this attitude than arrogance and ignorance.

That your situation may have persisted because of these twin negative attitudes. Think of what you probably would have gained from that person who in truth is lower than you In terms of societal rating but holds the key to your success. Think of how your arrogance has delayed your recovery up until this moment. You need to drop that arrogance to make a way for yourself. You may not have a servant by your side today but you have this message that is coming to you advising you to stop delaying yourself. This is not about God not being ready to answer your prayers. It is about you allowing arrogance to delay your miracle. If their is any enemy to pray against, It is definitely not that neighbour, friend or family member but you and your arrogance. Review your approach today and accept the following:
1. You cannot be the biggest in everything. You can only be the biggest in the area where you are the biggest. When you get to other places, you will most likely be the smallest. Recognise those places and act accordingly else you will continue to lose the advantage that can come to you from such environments. In the office or in your association with people, your personality in other places may not be relevant as attempting to flaunt such irrelevant personality may be the reason why that Boss remains an enemy. Prayer is not what you need but a change in your thinking.
2. Never under-rate anyone or anything. You are probably in that situation today because you under-rated someone by merely comparing physical attributes. You may possess other valued features but unfortunately they are not considered assets in that particular situation. No one is interested in the size of what you possess if it has no relevance to the situation in reference. Learn to respect all people as it may not always be about what you can see. The required quality may even be unseen.

You may have lost opportunities that could have gotten you out of that situation because you were arrogant or under-rated your divine solution but it is still not a lost battle because the Almighty God is a god of second chance. Sincere appeal to him after asking for His forgiveness may be all that you need to get your second chance. Approach Him today and I pray He grants you that Grace to get you out of that situation in Jesus name. Amen.

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