The Lord Is My Salvation

The Lord is my strength and song, and is become my salvation. – Ps. 118:14 KJV

The Lord Is My Salvation 13072020

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King David was described by God as a man after his heart (1Sam. 13:14) and because of that, he enjoyed tremendous Grace from the Lord. The psalm from which today’s scripture has been extracted gives an opportunity to see why. For one, with the status he attained in life, the manner in which he conducted his relationship with God remains a good template for anyone who desires to enjoy similar Grace from the Almighty God.

In the scripture today, David reveals that the Almighty God is his strength and his song and by virtue of the experience he related in that same psalm, the Lord has also become his salvation. These are strong words to use in describing one’s relationship with another.

To describe someone as strength is to infer that every ability ranging from physical to spiritual is attributable to that person. There was nothing that one did that was within his/her ability as everything is by that person’s ability. Not only is he saying it, he also acts it out and what else does God want from us when he tells us to surrender to him other than this? All God has been asking of men is to surrender all that supposedly acquired rights obtained by eating that fruit in the garden of Eden to him so he can regain control of that soul. In that situation, that soul can no longer be made responsible for any action, whether positive or negative more so the Almighty God being a perfect God will not make any mistake with such souls in his care and so everything that such a soul does will always be and be seen as perfect. You also can enjoy the Grace that King David enjoyed if just as he did you can make and publicly acknowledge him as your strength. That is what He desires when He asks that we give our life to Him. Surrender all those rights to Him today and you will experience that long awaited turn-around in Jesus name – Amen.

King David also reveals the Almighty God as his song. Wow! No wonder for him all he had to dance to, for the major part of his life was beautiful songs. In life people may have joyful songs or sad songs played for them to dance to. What kind of song are you dancing to at the moment? Is it the song composed by you or the one composed by the devil for you or one composed by the Almighty God. The Joy obtained from your self composed song will not last even if it sounds good initially as the vision behind the composition is very limited. Likewise, the excitement created by you for you will also be short lived.

To allow the devil to compose your song is to expect sadness all through life. It may be covered in joy but the main content will always be sadness. That also cannot make you live the life that David lived.

To live a life of joy, fun and excitement, you will need to wait on the Lord to compose your song. Is your life presently soaked in sadness? It must have to do with the song you are dancing to. That your situation may be the manifestation of the composition that the devil made for you. Resolve to change it today and there will be a positive turn around for your life.

Plead with the Almighty God to be the composer of the song of your life. It is a request you have to make, in addition to surrendering your right to do same to Him after taking the decision to retrieve it from the devil. Sadness should not be your portion and that will happen only when you surrender all to him.

The most fascinating of the scripture today is the additional revelation of King David that the Almighty God has become his salvation. This is more because of the condition under which the realisation came. Probably for an act of transgression that he admitted, the Lord decided to chastise him and he reveals that the Lord chastised him sore but as always with God, His intention is not that we will die – Ps. 118:18.

However in His chastising King David, he had to be handed over to the enemy who did not spare him at all – Ps. 118: 10-13. As far as the enemy was concerned, it was an opportunity to be ruthless and he was not going to miss it but throughout all this experience in the hands of the enemy King David retained his trust in the Lord. As far as he is concerned, it is better to trust in the Lord than to seek any other alternative – Ps. 118:6-9. He was confident that the Lord’s rebuke was just a correction move and all He needed to do was to remain patient under such rebuke as it will all end in joy and he was not disappointed – Ps. 118: 5, 21-23.

He was sure that God’s rebuke remains a gate leading to righteousness and he was always willing to go through it – Ps. 118:19-20. He was also sure that God’s rebuke will eventually produce prosperity and with this expectation he was equally not disappointed – Ps. 118:25-27. It all turned out for joy in the end. Seeing this he quickly took a permanent position to make the Lord also his salvation as stated in today’s scripture.

I really do not know your current situation but like David;
1. You need to eliminate the possibility of the enemy being behind it as that implies a life completely being lived outside the Will of the Lord. No one lives in the Will of the Lord and becomes a victim.
2. With the possibility of the situation mentioned above eliminated, you will then need to acknowledge that this is the Lord rebuking you for what you have done and accept that you deserve your rebuke.
3. You will need to resolve to make Him your salvation. Yes, He it is that handed you over into that situation and He it is that will remove you from it – Ps. 118:13.

If you are willing to do this, there is assurance that just like King David, the Lord will not just remove you but will also reward you with prosperity and you, like King David will be able to call on all your folks, priests and god-fearing people to join you in thanking the Lord because of His enduring mercies – Ps. 118:1-4; 28-29. That will be your story and testimony in Jesus name. Amen.

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