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And Ahab king of Israel said unto Jehoshaphat king of Judah, Wilt thou go with me to Ramoth–gilead? And he answered him, I am as thou art, and my people as thy people; and we will be with thee in the war. – 2Chr. 18:3 KJV

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King Jehoshaphat of Judah had gone to pay a visit to King Ahab of Israel in Samaria. King Ahab had no additional ways of appreciating this courtesy of King Jehoshaphat other than to get him involved in His personal battles. King Jehoshaphat although suggested that God’s view be sought on the need and success chances of the battle (2Chr. 18:4-22), decided to ignore the outcome of the spiritual divination that he suggested based on the comment of someone who he regarded as a brother. According to Jehoshaphat in today’s scripture, he is like Ahab and they have the same family lineage. So he felt more comfortable accepting his comments and excuses as against the view of the Almighty God whom he had suggested should be sought to help guide their decision and which was delivered by Prophet Micaiah. He did eventually go to the war with Ahab and was lucky to escape with his life (2Chr. 18:30-32) as the same person he called a brother with similar status almost transferred his destiny of death to him (Jehoshaphat).

Most Christians are struggling under the weight of challenges that ordinarily would not have been theirs if only they had not associated with people on the basis of how they know them instead of how God sees them. On the basis of relationships such as family, religious, membership of social groups, long standing friendship and similar types of relationship, they have associated with people they claim they know and are groaning today under very difficult situations caused by such wrong associations, and that is if they are not dead and forgotten.

Jehoshaphat was right to regard Ahab as a brother, after all they are both from the lineage of Israel and of course they are both kings but that is where the similarities end. Whether these are sufficient reasons to take up someone else’s battles is a different issue entirely. Whereas, Jehoshaphat cherished, respected and appreciated his relationship with Ahab, Ahab on the other hand did not and that showed in the preparation for the war. Ahab had decided to disguise going to the war probably knowing what level of danger he was exposing himself to (2Chr. 18:29) but did not do same for his fellow royalty and brother whom he has brought into a battle that is not his. Of course, only God saved Jehoshaphat at the war front as the enemies were only targeting King Ahab to kill him.

But really, is Jehoshaphat right in his comments as stated in the scripture above? The answer will be yes as far as the considerations are physical but we are talking about battles here. That cannot be something to take upon oneself based on physical considerations alone. There are too many unknowns. Jehoshaphat does not know the cause of this battle, does not have an idea of the weapons possessed by the enemy, does not know what God’s position on that battle is or do we say refused to take God’s position on that battle and more importantly does not know or has decided to ignore the spiritual compatibility of both of them.

Although they are both kings in the world, before God they had different standings. The bible in second Chronicles 17, verses 1 to 6 reveals God’s assessment of King Jehoshaphat as a king well loved by God, but chapters 16 through to chapter 22 of the book of first kings described Ahab as the most wicked king in the history of Israel. How could anyone then say that they are the same. Jehoshaphat used the wrong measure and rated himself as the same with Ahab. Had he used the right measure, he would have known that the difference between both of them is like day and night.

Whose battle are you fighting? What measure are you using to determine that relationship. Are you sure you are not unnecessarily exposing yourself in a battle that is not yours. The end will indeed tell but you may not be as lucky as Jehoshaphat. Go back to God in prayer as you may be in the wrong company. That could just be the reason for that your situation. Plead with God to help you re-direct your life. There is no doubt that if your ways are right with him, just like he saved Jehoshaphat, he will save you from the fall outs of that wrong decision. Jehoshaphat trusted someone he claimed was a brother that he was willing to risk his life for but the result was almost an undeserved waste of life. Let God reveal and determine the basis of your relationships and you will be saved from all these acquired battles that are threatening to consume you. May God grant wisdom to walk in the right company in Jesus name. Amen.

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