No Fear For Evil

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; … – Ps. 23:4a KJV

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The foundation scripture for today’s devotion is the first part of the fourth verse of our very popular Psalm 23 written by King David. It presents someone with confidence in his God. His confidence is such that no matter the situation, he has a Shepherd that is very capable of protecting him.

He is sure that no evil can touch him so it is important to know what evil is in the first place. Evil is defined as profound immorality or wickedness. To be afflicted by evil is for the individual to be visited with great immorality and wickedness. A victim of evil will lose public acceptance and credibility. He will not be positioned for any form of success because he will be met with antagonism at every point of success. To encounter evil is a huge misfortune for anyone who experiences such. A man of fortune or great standing in the society that encounters evil will likely become very poor in all ways and will be dishonoured by all that have once honoured him. May you reading this never encounter evil in Jesus name. Amen.

However no one actually desires to encounter evil but it still manages to come their way so there may not be much success in praying not to encounter evil and the solution may be for one to prepare to counter all evil acts that may come one’s way. Practically all who know the damage that encountering evil can cause to one’s life will learn to fear evil but in today’s scripture, King David confidently says he will not fear evil even if he walks into the territory of evil.

To walk in the shadow of death is to walk in situations that produce effects similar to death. A man that has encountered evil will be left in a condition that is similar to that of one who is living but dead. It means that he is alive but cannot perform the act that a living person performs. Such a person is alive but is not living.

There are several people today who are alive but are not living because they encountered evil along their path in life. They have success as history as all they have is good memories of what they were and not what they presently are. David is confident that such cannot be his lot because;
1. He has the Almighty God as his Shepherd.
2. This Shepherd is always with him.
3. He has accepted his rebuke and his authority as a tool of comfort for him in all situations.
You can also display the kind of confidence that King David exhibited by operating his principles.

To have the Almighty God as a Shepherd is to completely surrender leadership of one’s life, for him to take charge. No action will be taken by such a person without seeking His opinion and approval, and all His directives are followed to the letter without exemption. Of course such a person must have the Holy Spirit as that remains the facilitator of the communication. The constant presence of this Shepherd guarantees 24hr protection and guidance. It is left to the person concerned to reach out when guidance is required as he is always available.

This shepherd cannot fail because he operates in authority over all situations. With his rod, he controls everything and nothing is beyond him to control meanwhile he does not hesitate to rebuke once there is a sign of straying from his instructions but the person has decided to accept both acts as a show of love to help to ensure that there is protection from those events that can bring discomfort.

With all these in mind you too can boast of your ability to overcome every effect of evil but in case you are presently a victim of evil, there is still hope for you. Engage him today as your Shepherd and the following will immediately happen:
1. He will immediately stop further sliding of your life into that negative zone that you have been going deeper into.
2. He will provide opportunity for recovery of all that was lost.
May God prevent us from being victims of evil in Jesus name. Amen.

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