Sow Your Seed Properly

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. – Phil. 4:19 KJV

Sow Your Seed Properly 23062020

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The above scripture is part of the communication of the Apostle Paul with the church in Philippi where he told them that they were the only church that he received communications, in terms of giving and receiving from, since the beginning of his missionary work and this goodwill of theirs continued even when he got to the Church in Thessalonia. Paul refused to see their gesture as a desired gift but a good work that can be accounted to them. He described it as an odour of sweet smelling sacrifice, and like any other sacrifice that is acceptable, he crowns their gesture with a declaration which is the foundation of today’s scripture.

In that scripture, he declares that the God whom he serves will supply all the Philippians needed not as much as they needed but as much as the riches of His glory that is available in Jesus Christ. It must be noted that Paul was not praying for them but was telling them what he was sure his God will do as a consequence of their gesture which he considered as an acceptable sacrifice.

The role of such gestures in proper positioning of man for divine blessings can never be over stated. Abraham benefited from such gestures when without any prompting, he decided to feed three angels who were on a divine mission. The reward to him was receiving an answer to a long standing request for a child (Gen. 18:2-16) and also had the benefit of being told before hand the plan of God – Gen. 18:17-33. The Shunamite woman also benefited from such acts when she fed Prophet Elisha. She received the reward of having a child too something that she probably has lost hope of.

Christians must learn to provide support for God’s work on earth, either directly or by supporting those involved in it. Although the money was given to Paul in the course of his work for the Lord, Paul saw it as a seed invested in the business of expanding God’s kingdom in the world.

Normal blessings would naturally flow into the life of human beings because God so decreed it in Genesis 1:26, that as long as man remains in the garden, which means in the location where He wants him to stay, he will be fruitful and multiply and will remain blessed. However, supernatural blessings require a little bit more. Natural blessings relate effort with result but supernatural blessings is such that there is inflow of blessings in a manner that cannot be explained. This is because that is what Paul himself experienced with Philippians when he did not ask, they supplied his needs such that he admitted he had all, he was completed and full.

The Philippians however did not throw their seed at just anyone but they ensured that they threw their seed to a God approved location.

Today many Christians are doing what Abraham, the Shunamite woman and the Philippians did and probably even more but there is nothing to show for it. That is happening not because God’s formula for supernatural blessings have changed but because either the seed is faulty or the land is not fertile.

A blemished seed can never be expected to benefit from this law of God. A seed will remain blemished if its source is blemished and a source will be blemished if any of God’s laws was transgressed in the acquisition of that seed. God is not mocked just as Paul wrote to the Galatians – Gal. 6:7. He says a man reaps what he sows. No seed can be greater than the law of God so Christians must learn to operate according to God’s laws as that will always remain the foundation for a good seed.

Supernatural blessings will also flow from such acts if the intention for the sowing is in accordance with the Will of God. A seed sown with negative intention can never benefit from such divine law. Christians need to watch out for their intention when carrying out such acts of generosity as a negative intention will definitely negate the expectation of good rewards from such acts.

It is also important that Christians watch the beneficiary of these well intentioned acts. A wrongly invested donation can change the good intention of sowing to the empowerment of the kingdom of darkness. As much as one must donate and not begin to carry out an audit of how the donation is expended, due diligence must be done to ascertain, as much as possible, the intention of the beneficiaries of such acts of giving. Giving such donations to individuals and organisations that one is sure will not use it on behalf of God to aid the propagation of His kingdom on earth will not yield any kind of blessing that can be God related.

God will provide all needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus if the three points listed above are observed. That is when a good seed would have been dropped on a good ground with good intention and that is when supernatural blessings will flow. May God guide our divine actions so we can reap the rewards of our good works in Jesus name. Amen.

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