Do Not Walk Alone

And one said, Be content, I pray thee, and go with thy servants. And he answered, I will go. – 2Kgs 6:3 KJV

Do Not Walk Alone 20062020

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Elisha and his team members had increased and expanded and so much in number and possibly in quality that their present accommodation was becoming insufficient so they suggested to Elisha that he permit them to go and arrange for materials to be used to improve their present accommodation. He gave permission and approval for them to go ahead but one of them insisted that Elisha had to go with them and again he agreed with the demand.

The advantage of his going with them was revealed when in the course of felling a beam to be used in the construction, the borrowed axe head fell into the water. The particular servant cried out to Elisha about this loss especially since it was borrowed and Elisha in a miraculous manner retrieved the axe head for the servant.

The following questions pop out from the story above:
1. Did the servant that requested that he should go with them anticipate a challenge that will require his intervention?
2. Suppose Elisha had refused their request to go with them, would there have been consequences?
With regards to the first question, one is not definitely sure but it is not unlikely, considering that these are trainees under a Elisha and they would have noticed him place every move in spiritual perspective before embarking on them. So he may have done likewise and the result of his discernment made him insist on Elisha having to go with them.

With regards to the second question, there is no doubt that there would have been negative consequences had he not gone with them.
1. There joy would be cut short as the loss of the axe head will probably stop further felling of beams for construction.
2. They would have lost some level of credibility with the lender of the axe.
3. They will have a debt to pay back which was not part of their calculation when they started out on the journey.
Some times success and its fall outs do not last just as progressive efforts meet with the kind of obstacle that stalls the move and we are not able to know that it is basically our fault. The thought of expansion would normally come because of two positive things that has happened to us:
1. We have increased in size.
2. We have increased in resources.
Both do not always occur together but for those whom God decides to favour it does happen and this indeed is a cause for joy. The challenge remains how we ensure that we still have our feet on ground in the midst of this achievements. That new house, that new car, that new job and other similar day to day achievements and acquisitions are all products of new successes and desire to expand to accommodate our new status in life but how many of those steps did we:
1. Seek the view of God over before embarking on it.
2. How many of those did we insist he must go with us on else we will not go.
Christians must learn to not only seek permission before embarking on any project especially those ones that look very straightforward. It seems that way because you are not wise enough to see the challenges in it. The world is not a straight road and only those who know this will take necessary precaution to address not only anticipated challenges but also the unanticipated ones.

Expecting everything to go smoothly and not anticipating possible challenges accounts for the bulk of the reasons why success turns sour. Nothing good can be achieved in this world without having to overcome a challenge. That you did not meet a challenge does not mean there was none. It only means you either prepared very well to counter the challenge without stress or someone else had cleared it before you got to the bottleneck.

Develop the right disposition to life and stop living in that illusion that every time there is a challenge, it must be an enemy. You will be able to sustain success better if you operate along that line. Everyone that has succeeded in that thing that you are aiming for success on had to pass through the same challenge and they overcame because they anticipated and prepared for the challenges of life. Your situation is not peculiar just as the bible says that there is no challenge that has come to you that has not happened to someone else before and for which there is no provision of a way out. If you have been trying and yet to succeed, it is just because you are travelling alone and you are yet to arrive at the solution. Do not embark on that journey alone. Take God along through the Holy Spirit and no matter how long it takes, you will arrive there.

May God continue to accompany us in all that we embark upon in Jesus name. Amen.

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