I Was Glad

Sermon Notes.

I Was Glad 14062020

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Reference Scripture: Ps. 122:1
“I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord .” – Ps. 122:1 KJV

1. Introduction
a. Psalm of David.
2. What does it mean to be glad?
a. Feeling of pleasure.
b. Feeling of happiness.
3. Where is the House of the Lord?
a. What is a house? A building for habitation. A dwelling place just as the house of the Lord will be the dwelling place of the Lord. Jesus refers to the temple as his father’s house – Matt. 21:13. God himself refers to the building in shiloh as House – Jer.7: 3-15
b. Different schools of thought.
c. Some say it is your heart.
d. Some say it is a structure devoted to the worship of God.
e. Worship is carried out in man.
f. The act of worship is carried out in a location which can be a House devoted to God.
g. In David’s time, God’s house was a tent with the ark in it called the tabernacle. Ex.26:1-37; 1Chr. 17:1
h. There is a big advantage worshipping in a building (which has been called different names including temple, synagogue, sanctuary) devoted to the worship of God only than just any location.
4. What would make a place qualify as a house of the Lord?
a. There must be the evidence of both physical and spiritual presence of God. Moses took the ark into the tabernacle (Ex. 40: 20-33) and the glory appeared – Ex. 40:34-35. Solomon took the ark of the Lord into the temple (1Kg. 8:1-9) and the glory of the Lord appeared – 1Kg. 8:10-11.
b. Dedicated solely for the God related activities.
c. Constantly in both physical and spiritual state that encourages the operation of the Holy Spirit.
5. Why is the Psalmist glad to be going to the House of the Lord? 1Sam. 21:1-9. David said he would rather be a gateman in the house of the Lord than reside in the tabernacle of the wicked – Ps. 84:10-11.
a. Because he has high expectations of positive events.
b. He expects deliverance.
c. He expects answers to long standing requests.
d. He expects relief from all forms of stress – physical and spiritual.
6. Why will anyone not be excited to go to the House of the Lord?
a. Lost love for the Lord.
b. Not expecting any thing positive.
c. Not seeing the relevance of the location to his/her life.
d. Events happening there are not exciting to him/her.
7. What is your mood like when you receive the invite to the House of the Lord?
a. Mood of joy
b. Mood of sadness.
c. Mood of indifference.
8. Prayer Points
a. God help me to see the joy you have in having locations dedicated for your worship.
b. God let me see how happy you are when you are being worshipped.
c. God please help me to develop the desire to worship and make me happy.
d. God, give me the Grace to see the immense Grace that resides in worshipping you.
e. God, help me to have joy and happiness in your house.
9. Summary
a. God is always happy when you gather as children because of Him. He sees it as a way of honouring him.
b. God is happy when you dedicate structures specifically to Him.
c. Make God happy so He can in turn make you happy.
10. Conclusion
a. May God reward all worship in Jesus name.

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