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He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am? – Matt 16:15 KJV

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Jesus had spent almost three and half years with his disciples. During this period, he had interacted with them in various ways. They had wined and dined together all through this period. Do not forget that these were people, who until he called them, came from different backgrounds and so they were bound to have different views about life. Jesus Christ knew his performance among them during all that period. He knew his intentions for them and how much he had strived to achieve among them. But he needed a frank opinion about their views of him.

He started out by asking the same disciples how people outside the group saw him – Matt. 16:13-14. He wanted to know the view of outsiders of whom he was. Of course the disciples who had better interaction with the people were in the best position to know the views of outsiders about Jesus Christ. With a response received, he went further to ask the disciples who in their view he was. Peter answered, probably on behalf of the other disciples, that Jesus was not only the Christ but also is the son of God – Matt. 16:15-16. Jesus told him he was lucky as it was only the Holy Spirit that could revealed such information to Him.

Does it mean that interaction between people, no matter for how long that interaction may be for, may not be sufficient to know each other’s real identity, either as close mates or relating to one another from a distance? That seems to be the position of Jesus Christ here. He concluded that it was only the Holy Spirit that could reveal the true identity of an individual.

Knowing people, especially those very close to us is very important for establishing a good relationship. Without a proper understanding and knowledge of someone, it will be difficult to relate well with such a person as the chances of hurting one another becomes higher. People in trying to know or understand friends and relatives rely on direct or shared experiences about the person. We are so sure about views and conclusions arrived at in this manner, about people that we end up acting on those views and conclusions to our disadvantage. We also end up most times discovering that we were mistaking in our conclusions with irreparable damages, in most cases, already done.

As much as we need to know people very well in order to be able to relate with them properly, we cannot rely on experiences that we had with such people, either positive or negative, or even the length of time that we may have been interacting with them, as the human reaction to issues is dynamic and it is dictated by several factors including the environmental factors, the emotional and psychological factors and other social factors. That makes it impossible for man to be able to have an understanding of the personality because all that will be seen and used to assess the person are reactions to issues which most times is very far from whom the person really is.

Someone may come across as nice person to an individual and be a bad person to another. It is all about what the person was reacting to when he was met by the assessor.

The real assessment must be based on revelations by the Holy Spirit, who is the only one that can reveal the personality of the individual been assessed. That is the only way that there will be no statement expressing regrets of mis-judgment of people.

You may actually be a victim of mis-judgement by people who have come to the conclusion that your personality is negative and that may account for their rejection and hostility towards you and of course with all its attendant implications. That may be why you are still single with all those potential partners keeping away from you. That may be why every promotion activity does not include you and other similar negative experiences of life that you have had. You need to plead with God to help you make people see you for who you are else it may be difficult to convince all those antagonists to stop their opposition acts towards you and your desire for progress as their not doing so continues to leave you in that unacceptable state in life.

You may however be the one that has been mistreating another because of your assessment of the person, based on all those reactions that you truly can associate with the person. You may need to plead with God to help you see the real personality from the perspective of the Holy Spirit, as it is the Holy Spirit only, that is able to give the reveal the true picture of the personality before you. This may help you to stop being the obstacle on the path of another person to success and destiny.

In summary, let us all plead with God to help us, with the intervention of the Holy Spirit, either as victim of wrong assessment or one who is acting towards another on the basis of a wrong assessment, to see the true picture of those we need to relate with in the course of our journey through life, so that we can make life easier for ourselves and others in Jesus name. Amen.

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